16″ Car Styling Suitable For Compatible Hummer H3 Spare Tire Cover 16 Inch PVC Spare Wheel Cover 30″-31″ – Go4CarZ Store

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Measurement: 14 Inch (23″-26″)
Match these tire modles:
one hundred fifty five/80R14   255/50R15   205/70R15
one hundred sixty five/80R13   one hundred forty five/80R16   205/75R14
one hundred sixty five/80R14   one hundred fifty five/80R14   205/75R15
one hundred seventy five/80R13   one hundred sixty five/80R13   215/65R16
185/80R13   one hundred seventy five/80R13   225/55R17
one hundred ninety/65R15   185/70R14   235/60R16
195/70R13   185/80R13   255/60R15
205/55R15   one hundred ninety/65R15   215/70R15
205/60R15   205/55R16   255/60R14
215/50R15   205/75R14   215/70R15
215/60R14   205/75R15   205/65R16
245/50R15   185/75R14   255/50R16 
185/75R14   185/75R15   195/75R15 
205/60R14   195/75R14   
Measurement: 15 Inch (27″-29″)
Match these tire modles:
205/70R16   215/75R16   215/70R16    
225/70R16   215/75R14   225/75R16
215/70R15   225/75R15   235/70R15    
245/70R15   235/75R15   225/75R15    
255/70R15   225/65R17
Measurement: 16 Inch (30″-31″)
Match these tire modles:
235/70R17   225/75R16   235/75R16  
225/75R16   255/70R16   255/75R15
245/75R15   245/70R16   265/70R15  
265/70R16   265/75R15   215/85R16
215/85R16   245/75R16   one hundred sixty five/75R15  
235/80R16   255/75R16   265/70R16
Measurement: 17 Inch (32″-33″)
Match these tire modles:
275/70R17   275/65R18   265/75R16  
265/70R18   255/75R17   255/70R18
245/70R18   235/85R16   285/75R16
265/75R18   285/75R16
Materials:PVC Leather-based
Waterproof, wipe-clear vinyl with smooth, non-scratch backing, UV and mildew resistant
Superior High quality Spare Cover slip-on type cowl installs simply with out zippers
Successfully shield your spare tire in rain, snow, wind, mud, solar and any dangerous climate when your automobiles in storage or outdoors.
For instance, your tire is written with P215/70R15, A=215, B=70, C=15.
Your tire diameter =A*B/500+C*2.fifty four =215*70/500+15*2.fifty four =sixty eight.2cm
thirteen Inch match: diameter fifty six-60cm
14 Inch match: diameter sixty one-69cm
15 Inch match: diameter 70-74cm
16 Inch match: diameter seventy five-80cm
17 Inch match: diameter eighty one-84cm
So you’ll be able to select Measurement S/14 inch one.


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