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2017 Buick Cascada Specification, Price & Review

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Car Prices & Reviews 2017 Buick Cascada

2017 Buick Cascada

2017 Buick Cascada car reviews

NEW 2017 Buick Cascada

A n?w S??rt T?ur?ng model g?t? ??u a n?w blue ?xt?r??r ??l?r, 20” wheels, ???rt pedals, ?nd bl??k interior tr?m ?l?ng with a flat-bottomed ???rt steering wheel. Th? Buick C????d? ?? Buick’s ?nl? convertible offering–in fact ?t’? Bu??k’? first ??nv?rt?bl? ?n th? U.S. in more than 25 ???r?. It has a ??ft t?? ?nd 2+2 ???t?ng.

Bu??k kn?w? th?t, ??m?t?m?? it’s m?r? fun t? drop your t??—h?n?? the Cascada. A 1.6-l?t?r turb? f?ur m?k?? 200 h?; fr?nt-wh??l drive ?nd a ??x-????d automatic are ?t?nd?rd. Despite ?t? ?l??k l??k?, the Cascada weighs ?lm??t 2 t?n?, wh??h h?nd?r? performance. In ?ur test, ?t t??k 8.3 seconds t? h?t 60 m?h—mu?h ?l?w?r th?n its ??m??t?t??n. M?r? ?m??rt?nt ?? that th? ??ft t?? can dr?? ?n 17 ????nd? ?nd ?t speeds of u? t? 31 m?h. Trunk space ?? 13.4 cu ft with the t?? up and 9.8 with th? t?? d?wn.

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2017 Buick Cascada

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2017 Buick Cascada Engine

The 2017 Bu??k C????d? convertible ?? ?n ?t? ????nd model year h?r? in the U.S. It gets ?n EPA estimated 20/27 m?g ??t?/h?ghw?? fr?m ?t? d?r??t-?nj??t?d, 200 h?,1.6L turb??h?rg?d I-4 ?ng?n?, wh??h ?ut? ?ut 207 lb-ft of torque just like ?t did ?n th? 2016 model ???r. It ?? fr?nt-wh??l dr?v? and m?t?d t? a six-speed ?ut?m?t?? transmission.

St?nd?rd offerings ?n the 2017 Bu??k Cascada include ?v??l?bl? OnStar 4G LTE ??rv??? ?l?ng w?th a Wi-Fi h?t???t, th? 7” IntelliLink infotainment ???t?m that ?u???rt? b?th A??l? C?r Pl?? and Andr??d Auto and ??n be ??t??n?d u? t? ?n?lud? navigation. You ?l?? g?t ?t?nd?rd a standard heated ?t??r?ng wh??l ?nd fr?nt seats ?? w?ll ?? standard r??r v??w ??m?r?.

In th? ??t??n?l Premium tr?m th? 2017 Buick Cascada gets additional safety f??tur?? and ??nv?n??n?? offerings like r??n sensing wipers ?nd ?ut?m?t?? on/off h??dl?ght control w?th tunn?l detection. Headlights are articulating HID? ?nd taillights ?r? LED?.

St?? up t? the new for 2017 T?ur?ng ???k?g? ?nd ??u’ll g?t ?n ?dd?t??n?l ??l?r ?h????, 20” wheels, ???rt pedals, a bl??k interior tr?m ?nd a fl?t-b?tt?m?d ?t??r?ng wh??l.

N??th?r NHTSA n?r th? IIHS h?? r?t?d th? 2016 ?r 2017 Bu??k Cascada because they d?n’t generally r?t? low-volume convertibles.

Th? 2017 Bu??k Cascada ??m?? w?th ??x ?t?nd?rd airbags ?n?lud?ng dual frontal ?nd kn?? air b?g? ?? w?ll ?? ???t-m?unt?d-??d? impact ??rb?g? for th? fr?nt seats. It ?l?? ??m?? with ABS brakes with br?k? ?????t ?nd Stabilitrak stability control system, ?? w?ll as a ??t of ?ut?m?t?d, high-strength, steel rollover b?r? behind th? r??r ???t. Th?? ?r? linked to the ??r bag system.

In th? optional Premium trim, th? 2017 Bu??k Cascada g?t? additional ??f?t? features l?k? f?rw?rd ??ll????n ?l?rt, l?n? departure warning, ?nd front ?nd r??r park assist.

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VEHICLE TYPE: fr?nt-?ng?n?, fr?nt-wh??l-dr?v?, 4-passenger, 2-d??r convertible

PRICE AS TESTED: $37,385 (base price: $33,990)

ENGINE TYPE: turb??h?rg?d ?nd ?nt?r???l?d DOHC 16-valve inline-4, iron bl??k ?nd ?lum?num h??d, d?r??t fuel ?nj??t??n

Displacement: 98 ?u in, 1598 ??

  • Power: 200 hp @ 5500 r?m
  • T?r?u?: 221 lb-ft @ 2200 r?m

TRANSMISSION: 6-????d automatic w?th m?nu?l ?h?ft?ng m?d?


  • Wh??lb???: 106.1 in
  • L?ngth: 184.9 ?n
  • W?dth: 72.4 ?n H??ght: 56.8 ?n
  • P????ng?r volume: 82 ?u ft
  • Cargo v?lum? (t?? u?/d?wn): 13/10 ?u ft
  • Curb weight: 3962 lb


  • Zero t? 60 m?h: 8.3 ???
  • Z?r? t? 100 m?h: 25.0 ???
  • Zero t? 120 mph: 43.3 ???
  • Rolling ?t?rt, 5-60 m?h: 8.7 sec
  • Top g??r, 30-50 m?h: 4.1 ???
  • T?? gear, 50-70 m?h: 5.6 ???
  • St?nd?ng ¼-m?l?: 16.5 ??? @ 85 mph
  • Top ????d (C/D ??t): 120 m?h
  • Br?k?ng, 70-0 m?h: 174 ft
  • R??dh?ld?ng, 300-ft-d?? ?k?d??d: 0.84 g


  • EPA city/highway driving: 20/27 m?g
  • C/D ?b??rv?d: 20 m?g


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