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2017 Chevrolet Sonic Specification, Price & Review

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Car Prices & Reviews 2017 Chevrolet Sonic

2017 Chevrolet Sonic

2017 Chevrolet Sonic car reviews

2017 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback

2017 Chevrolet Sonic pricing

2017 Chevrolet Sonic Exterior

Th? subcompact Chevrolet S?n?? h?t?hb??k ?nd sedan g?t a ?t?l?ng r?fr??h with a r?v???d gr?ll? ?nd l?w?r f????? ?? well as n?w h??dl?ght? w?th LED accent l?ght? ?nd r?d???gn?d t??ll?ght?. Oth?r ?t?l?ng ?h?ng?? ?n?lud? n?w wh??l styles ?nd n?w ???nt ??l?r ??t??n?. W?th trim l?v?l?, ?v??l?bl? Sonic features ?n?lud?ng a h??t?d steering wh??l, k??l??? entry w?th ?u?h-butt?n start, ?nd an u?d?t?d Ch?vr?l?t M?L?nk infotainment ???t?m w?th 7.0-?n?h ??r??n. C?nn??t?v?t? ??t??n? ?n?lud? 4G LTE, Apple C?rPl??, and Android Aut?. Available lane d???rtur? warning ?nd f?rw?rd ??ll????n warning ?r? also n?w th?? ???r. In 2012, Ch?vr?l?t r??l???d th? unl?v?d Aveo with th? Sonic h?t?hb??k ?nd ??d?n. The subcompact S?n?? ??t? b?tw??n the ?ntr?-l?v?l Chevrolet S??rk h?t?hb??k m?n???r ?nd th? ??m???t Cruz? h?t?hb??k and ??d?n.

Th? S?n?? competes ?n the ??m??t?t?v? ?ub??m???t m?rk?t w?th tw? b?d? styles ?nd tw? engine ??t??n?. Th? b??? ?ng?n? ?? a naturally ????r?t?d 1.8-l?t?r I-4 m?k?ng 138 hp and 125 lb-ft ?f torque. Th?t ??w?r?l?nt ?? b??k?d b? a f?v?-????d manual or ??x-????d ?ut?m?t?? tr?n?m?????n. Fuel economy r?t?ng? for 2017 hasn’t b??n ?ubl??h?d ??t, but, f?r 2016 models, th? 1.8-l?t?r ?? EPA-r?t?d 24-26/35 mpg ??t?/h?ghw??. The optional ?ng?n? is a turb??h?rg?d 1.4-liter I-4 rated 138 h? and 148 lb-ft. That engine ?? offered with a six-speed manual or ??x-????d ?ut?m?t?? and g?t? 2016 EPA r?t?ng? of 27-29/37-40 m?g. Alth?ugh th? ??t??n?l RS trim ?? ??w?r?d b? the ??m? turbo 1.4-l?t?r, ?t features revised g??r r?t??? ?n ?t? six-speed m?nu?l ?nd a r?v???d f?n?l drive r?t?? ?n its six-speed ?ut? for better ????l?r?t??n. EPA-r?t?ng? for th? S?n?? RS ?r? 25-26/33-34 mpg.

Wh?n th? Sonic w?? introduced f?r th? 2012 m?d?l ???r, ?t w?? a hug? step up fr?m th? Aveo ?t r??l???d. Th?? year, Ch?vr?l?t ?? m?k?ng th? S?n?? m?r? ?????l?ng w?th r?v???d ?t?l?ng m?r? ?n l?n? w?th th? automaker’s ?th?r ?m?ll ??r? and crossovers, as w?ll ?? ?n u?d?t?d n?w infotainment ???t?m and some ?v??l?bl? ??t?v? ??f?t? t??h. Th? 2016 Ch?vr?l?t S?n?? h?t?hb??k ?nd sedan h?v? a five-star ?v?r?ll ??f?t? rating from th? NHTSA (?ut ?f a possible f?v? ?t?r?) ?nd th? ??d?n ?? considered a 2016 Top S?f?t? P??k by th? IIHS. Th? S?n??’? f?rw?rd collision w?rn?ng ??rn? a basic r?t?ng fr?m th? IIHS. In addition t? 10 ?t?nd?rd airbags, th? Sonic ?? available with F?rw?rd Collision Al?rt ?nd L?n? D???rtur? Warning ?nd Rear Park A????t. A r??rv??w camera is standard f?r 2017.

Ch?vr?l?t’? handsome S?n?? offers ?r??t???l?t?, efficiency, and ?g?l?t? in a ??m???t package. The ?t?nd?rd 1.8-liter f?ur t??m? w?th a f?v?- or ??x-????d m?nu?l ?r ??x-????d ?ut?m?t?? tr?n?m?????n. Th? 1.4-l?t?r turb? f?ur ?? th? ?n? t? g?t; ?t ??m?? w?th a six-speed m?nu?l ?r automatic. Available ?? a ??d?n or a hatchback, th? S?n?? ??t? ?ut t? h?v? br??d ?????l. A 7.0-?n?h t?u?h??r??n infotainment ???t?m has 4G LTE internet ??nn??t?v?t? w?th A??l? C?rPl??/Andr??d Aut? and onboard W?-F?.

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2017 Chevrolet Sonic price

2017 Chevrolet Sonic Interior

2017 Chevrolet Sonic for sale

2017 Chevrolet Sonic Back Seat

2017 Chevrolet Sonic specification

2017 Chevrolet Sonic Engine

QU??K S????

  • G?? M?l??g?25 mpg City/33 m?g Hw?
  • Eng?n?G?? I4, 1.8L
  • EPA Cl???Sub??m???t C?r?
  • St?l? N?m?S?d?n LS M?nu?l
  • DrivetrainFront Wheel Dr?v?
  • Passenger Capacity5
  • Passenger D??r?4
  • Body St?l?4dr C?r
  • TransmissionTransmission, 5-speed m?nu?l




  • EPA ClassificationSubcompact C?r?
  • Numb?r ?f Passenger Doors4

W??ght Inf?rm?t??n

  • B??? Curb Weight (lbs)2773

Interior D?m?n???n?

  • Fr?nt H??d Room (in)38.70
  • S???nd L?g R??m (in)34.60
  • Passenger C?????t?5
  • Fr?nt Hip R??m (?n)51.40
  • Fr?nt L?g R??m (?n)41.80
  • S???nd Sh?uld?r R??m (in)53.00
  • P????ng?r V?lum? (ft³)90.3
  • S???nd Head R??m (in)37.80
  • Fr?nt Shoulder R??m (in)53.40
  • S???nd H?? R??m (?n)51.60

Exterior Dimensions

  • W?dth, M?x w/? mirrors (?n)68.30
  • Liftover Height (in)- TBD –
  • Wh??lb??? (?n)99.40
  • Track W?dth, R??r (in)59.40
  • Height, Ov?r?ll (?n)59.70
  • L?ngth, Ov?r?ll (?n)173.90
  • M?n Ground Cl??r?n?? (?n)- TBD –
  • Track W?dth, Fr?nt (?n)59.40

C?rg? Ar?? D?m?n???n?

  • Trunk Volume (ft³)14.9



Fuel T?nk

  • Fu?l T?nk C?????t?, A??r?x (g?l)12.2


  • EPA Fuel Economy E?t – Hwy (MPG)33
  • Fu?l E??n?m? Est-Combined (MPG)28
  • EPA Fu?l E??n?m? E?t – City (MPG)25




  • D???l???m?nt1.8L/110
  • Eng?n? Ord?r C?d?LUW
  • SAE N?t Torque @ RPM125 @ 3800
  • Fuel SystemElectronic Fu?l Inj??t??n
  • Engine T???G?? I4
  • SAE Net H?r????w?r @ RPM138 @ 6300


  • Trans T???5
  • Th?rd G??r Ratio (:1)1.32
  • Clutch S?z? (in)- TBD –
  • DrivetrainFront Wh??l Dr?v?
  • F?r?t Gear R?t?? (:1)3.72
  • S?xth G??r R?t?? (:1)NA
  • Tr?n? D???r??t??n Cont.Manual
  • Fourth G??r R?t?? (:1)0.94
  • F?n?l Drive Axl? Ratio (:1)3.94
  • Trans Order C?d?M26
  • S???nd Gear R?t?? (:1)1.96
  • R?v?r?? R?t?? (:1)3.30
  • Tr?n? Description C?nt. AgainNA
  • F?fth G??r R?t?? (:1)0.75


  • D??? – Fr?nt (Yes ?r )Y??
  • Rear Drum Diam x W?dth (?n)10.6 x 0.47
  • Brake T???Pwr
  • R??r Brake R?t?r D??m x Th??kn??? (?n)NA
  • Disc – R??r (Y?? or )NA
  • Br?k? ABS S??t?m4-Wh??l
  • Drum – R??r (Y?? ?r )Yes
  • Fr?nt Br?k? Rotor D??m x Thickness (in)10.8 x 1.0


  • Lock to L??k Turn? (St??r?ng)2.8
  • St??r?ng TypeElectric Pwr St??r?ng
  • Turning Diameter – Curb to Curb (ft)34.5
  • Steering R?t?? (:1), Overall14
  • Turn?ng Diameter – W?ll to Wall (ft)NA


  • S??r? T?r? Ord?r C?d?ZAD
  • Front T?r? Order C?d?Q1H
  • S??r? T?r? SizeT115/70R16
  • Fr?nt T?r? S?z?P195/65R15
  • Rear T?r? Ord?r CodeQ1H
  • R??r T?r? S?z?P195/65R15


  • S??r? Wh??l S?z? (?n)- TBD –
  • Fr?nt Wheel Size (?n)15 x – TBD –
  • S??r? Wh??l M?t?r??l- TBD –
  • Fr?nt Wh??l M?t?r??lSt??l
  • Rear Wh??l S?z? (?n)15 x – TBD –
  • R??r Wheel M?t?r??lSt??l


  • Su???n???n T??? – Fr?nt (C?nt.)w/C??l Springs
  • Stabilizer B?r D??m?t?r – Rear (in)NA
  • Suspension Type – Fr?ntM??Ph?r??n Strut
  • Shock Ab??rb?r D??m?t?r – Rear (mm)NA
  • Su???n???n T??? – R??r (Cont.)w/Coil S?r?ng?
  • Suspension T??? – R??rT?r???n B??m
  • St?b?l?z?r B?r D??m?t?r – Fr?nt (?n)- TBD –
  • Sh??k Ab??rb?r Diameter – Fr?nt (mm)NA


S?F?T? F??TUR??


  • A?r B?g-Fr?nt?l-Dr?v?rY??
  • Air B?g-Fr?nt?l-P????ng?rY??
  • Air Bag-Passenger Sw?t?h (On/Off)N?
  • Air B?g-S?d? B?d?-Fr?ntY??
  • Air B?g-S?d? B?d?-R??rY??
  • Air B?g-S?d? Head-FrontYes
  • Air B?g-S?d? H??d-R??rY??
  • Br?k??-ABSY??
  • Child Safety Rear D??r LocksYes
  • D??t?m? Runn?ng L?ght?Y??
  • Tr??t??n ControlYes
  • N?ght V????nN?
  • R?ll?v?r Pr?t??t??n BarsNo
  • F?g LampsNo
  • P?rk?ng A?dN?
  • T?r? Pr???ur? M?n?t?rY??
  • B??k-U? CameraYes
  • St?b?l?t? ControlYes

Oth?r Features

  • Brakes, 4-wheel ?nt?l??k
  • Br?k? A????t, ??n??
  • El??tr?n?? br?k? force distribution
  • H?ll St?rt A????t
  • StabiliTrak, ?t?b?l?t? control ???t?m
  • Traction ??ntr?l
  • Daytime Runn?ng L?m??, LED
  • Air bags, 10 t?t?l (Alw??? u?? safety b?lt? ?nd child…
  • A?r b?g?, du?l-?t?g?, frontal, dr?v?r ?nd r?ght-fr?nt ?????ng?r…
  • Air bags, th?r?x ??d?-?m???t ???t-m?unt?d, ??d?-fr?nt ?nd r??r…
  • Air b?g?, h??d curtain, ??d?-fr?nt ?nd r??r ?utb??rd seating…
  • Air b?g?, kn??, dr?v?r and fr?nt ?????ng?r (Alw??? u?? safety…
  • OnSt?r Gu?d?n?? Pl?n f?r 3 Months ?n?lud?ng Aut?m?t?? Cr??h…
  • OnStar B???? Pl?n for 5 years includes l?m?t?d v?h??l? m?b?l?…
  • R??r V????n C?m?r?
  • S?f?t? b?lt?, 3-???nt, driver and right-front ?????ng?r,…
  • S?f?t? b?lt?, 3-point, ?ll seating ????t??n?, rear
  • D??r l??k?, r??r ?h?ld ???ur?t?
  • LATCH system (Lower Anchors ?nd T?? t?th?r? for CH?ldr?n), f?r…
  • Trunk emergency release h?ndl?
  • T?r? Pr???ur? M?n?t?r S??t?m




  • Basic M?l??/km36,000
  • Basic Years3
  • C?rr????n M?l??/km100,000
  • C?rr????n Y??r?6
  • Dr?v?tr??n M?l??/km60,000
  • Dr?v?tr??n N?t?Qu?l?f??d Fleet Purchases: 5 Y??r?/100,000 Miles
  • Drivetrain Y??r?5
  • M??nt?n?n?? Miles/km24,000
  • M??nt?n?n?? N?t?2 v???t?
  • Maintenance Y??r?2
  • Roadside A????t?n?? M?l??/km60,000
  • Roadside A????t?n?? NoteQualified Fl??t Pur?h????: 5 Y??r?/100,000 M?l??
  • R??d??d? A????t?n?? Y??r?5



Cooling System

  • Total C??l?ng S??t?m Capacity (?t?)6.3


  • Cold Cr?nk?ng Am?? @ 0° F (Pr?m?r?)438
  • M?x?mum Alternator C?????t? (?m??)100


  • Wt Distributing H?t?h – M?x Tr??l?r Wt. (lb?)NA
  • D??d W??ght H?t?h – M?x Tr??l?r Wt. (lb?)NA
  • Wt Distributing H?t?h – M?x T?ngu? Wt. (lb?)NA
  • D??d W??ght Hitch – Max T?ngu? Wt. (lbs)NA


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