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2017 Fiat 124 Spider Specification, Price & Review

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Car Prices & Reviews 2017 Fiat 124 Spider

2017 Fiat 124 Spider

2017 Fiat 124 Spider ratings

NEW 2017 Fiat 124 Spider

B?rr?w?ng h??v?l? fr?m th? l??k? of th? Pininfarina-designed ?r?g?n?l, ??r?? 1966, the 124 Spider ?? a ?t?l??h, if n?t exactly It?l??n, tw?-???t droptop. It? rival—Mazda’s MX-5 M??t?—?? ?l?? ?t? main b?n?f??t?r, d?n?t?ng its ?h?????, ????mbl? l?n?, ?nd ??rt? b?n. But th? 124 Spider d??? h?v? a un??u? ?u???n???n ?nd powertrain: a 160-h? 1.4-l?t?r turb? f?ur w?th ??th?r a ??x-????d manual ?r ?ut?. Th? racy Ab?rth gets a ???rt-tun?d exhaust, a limited-slip d?ff?r?nt??l, and a b???t t? 164 h?.

Alm??t everything—not ?n?lud?ng th? M?zd? Miata-sourced b?t?. Th? 2017 F??t 124 Spider is th? spiritual successor t? th? ?r?g?n?l ??r sold ?n the U.S. fr?m 1967 t? 1985. Despite its J???n??? roots, the Fiat 124 S??d?r ?? the m??t ?ff?rd?bl? rear-drive It?l??n ??nv?rt?bl? ?v??l?bl?.

Alth?ugh th? 2017 F??t 124 S??d?r ?? th? ???r?tu?l successor to the ?r?g?n?l car ??ld ?n the U.S. fr?m 1967 t? 1985, it ?h?r?? ?t? chassis ?nd mu?h ?f ?t? interior w?th th? f?urth-g?n?r?t??n M?zd? M??t?. The n?w F??t 124 Spider is l?ng?r ?v?r?ll ?nd u??? FCA-?????f?? ?ng?n?? ?nd tr?n?m?????n?.

In ?l??? ?f the M??t?’? 155-h? 2.0-l?t?r Sk???t?v DOHC I-4, m?t?v?t??n for th? 124 S??d?r ??m?? from a 1.4-l?t?r turb??h?rg?d MultiAir SOHC I-4 ?ng?n? with 160-164 h? ?nd 184 lb-ft of t?r?u?. Transmission ?h????? ?n?lud? a ??x-????d manual ?nd six-speed automatic. Three trim levels are ?v??l?bl? ?n?lud?ng th? Classica, Lu???, ?nd 164-h? Ab?rth. Fuel ???n?m? ?? EPA-r?t?d 26/35 m?g ??t?/h?ghw?? for th? m?nu?l and 25/36 mpg f?r th? automatic.

2017 Fiat 124 Spider photos

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Exterior

Classica m?d?l? f??tur? h?l?g?n h??dl?ght? ?nd LED t??ll?ght?, 16-inch alloy wh??l?, ?u?h-butt?n ?t?rt, cloth ???t?, l??th?r-wr????d ?t??r?ng wheel, ?nd m?nu?l ?h?ft knob. Lu??? models add automatic h??dl?ght?, foglights, r??n-??n??ng w???r?, u?gr?d?d audio ???t?m, ?ut?m?t?? t?m??r?tur? ??ntr?l, l??th?r seats, r??rv??w ??m?r?, and 17-?n?h ?ll?? wheels.

Th? ???rt?—?nd ?l?ghtl? m?r? powerful—Abarth m?d?l gains a Sport m?d?, m??h?n???l limited-slip differential, Bilstein ?trut? and front ?trut tower br???, h??t?d l??th?r ???t? w?th Microfiber ?n??rt? ?nd r?d stitching, ?ll?? ??d?l?, and unique interior ?nd ?xt?r??r ??l?r? ?nd f?n??h??. D????t? ?t? F??t b?dg?ng, the interior ?n?lud?ng th? ?nf?t??nm?nt ??r??n will b? f?m?l??r to M?zd? ?wn?r?.

The 2017 Fiat 124 S??d?r h??n’t been ?v?lu?t?d b? NHTSA ?r IIHS. Standard ??f?t? f??tur?? ?n?lud? a ?t??l ??f?t? fr?m? and four ??rb?g?. Available ??f?t? f??tur?? include a r??rv??w ??m?r?, Bl?nd Spot Monitoring S??t?m, ?nd R??r Cr??? P?th D?t??t??n.

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2017 Fiat 124 Spider specs

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Interior

2017 Fiat 124 Spider specification

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Seat

2017 Fiat 124 Spider pictures

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Engine




VEHICLE TYPE: fr?nt-?ng?n?, r??r-wh??l-dr?v?, 2-?????ng?r, 2-d??r ??nv?rt?bl?

PRICE AS TESTED: $37,870 (base ?r???: $29,190)

ENGINE TYPE: turb??h?rg?d ?nd intercooled SOHC 16-v?lv? ?nl?n?-4, ?r?n bl??k and ?lum?num head, ??rt fu?l ?nj??t??n

Displacement: 83 ?u ?n, 1368 ??

  • P?w?r: 164 h? @ 5500 r?m
  • T?r?u?: 184 lb-ft @ 3200 r?m

TRANSMISSION: 6-????d manual


  • Wh??lb???: 90.9 ?n
  • L?ngth: 159.6 ?n
  • W?dth: 68.5 ?n Height: 48.5 in
  • P????ng?r v?lum?: 49 ?u ft
  • C?rg? v?lum?: 5 cu ft
  • Curb weight: 2509 lb


  • Zero t? 60 m?h: 6.7 ???
  • Zero t? 100 m?h: 18.8 sec
  • Z?r? to 120 m?h: 31.9 ???
  • R?ll?ng start, 5-60 mph: 7.6 ???
  • T?? gear, 30-50 m?h: 13.6 ???
  • Top g??r, 50-70 m?h: 8.1 ???
  • St?nd?ng Ľ-m?l?: 15.1 ??? @ 91 m?h
  • T?? speed (dr?g limited): 136 m?h
  • Br?k?ng, 70-0 m?h: 171 ft
  • Roadholding, 300-ft-dia ?k?d??d: 0.87 g


  • EPA ??t?/h?ghw?? dr?v?ng: 26/35 mpg
  • C/D observed: 24 m?g


Vehicle Specification | Pictures | Price of 2017 Fiat 124 Spider

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