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2017 GMC Canyon Specification, Price & Review

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Car Prices & Reviews 2017 GMC Canyon

2017 GMC Canyon

2017 GMC Canyon car reviews

2017 GMC Canyon

Th? 2017 GMC Canyon ?? a ?tr?ng offering in th? midsize tru?k ??gm?nt thanks t? a ?m??th ride, ?tr?ng available ?ng?n?? and m?n? ?v??l?bl? upscale features. It’? not th? b??t ?h???? f?r heading off-road ?r f?r ult?m?t? ??mf?rt, but it’s easy t? drive ?nd has ?l?nt? ?f towing ????b?l?t?.

Th? pickup tru?k has b???m? a mu?h m?r? user-friendly vehicle over th? ???r?. And right at the front ?f that m?v?m?nt is the 2017 GMC C?n??n. A tw?n t? th? Ch?vr?l?t C?l?r?d?, th? GMC C?n??n ?? a m?d??z? truck w?th ?ll the tru?k ????b?l?t??? ??u’ll n??d, but ?t ?l?? comes with top-level f??tur?? and a ??mf?rt?bl? ?nt?r??r.

Depending ?n ??nf?gur?t??n, th? Canyon can t?w up t? 7,700 ??und?, so ?t’? g?t th? tru?k part ??v?r?d. But ?t’? also ?m??th ?nd silent ?n the h?ghw??, and th? ?nt?r??r ?? ??l?dl? built. Like a l?t ?f modern tru?k?, th? C?n??n ?? v?r??t?l? and a gr??t t??l f?r many d?ff?r?nt jobs, but it’s g?t th? ??????l tw??t ?f b??ng a bit more luxurious than the n?rm. So ?f ??u w?nt a tru?k w?th l?t? ?f likable f??tur?? t? make the d??l? ??mmut? ?????r, ?nd enough ??w?r to h?ul a b?g l??d ?n the w??k?nd, w? definitely recommend ?h??k?ng ?ut the refined 2017 GMC C?n??n.

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2017 GMC Canyon pricing

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2017 GMC Canyon Design

Th? 2017 GMC Canyon g??n? a m?r? u????l? D?n?l? trim and a n?w ??????l-?d?t??n model ??ll?d th? N?ghtf?ll Ed?t??n, wh??h adds a b?d?-??l?r?d gr?ll?, a ??r??-?n bedliner, a ??l??h?d ?xh?u?t, ?nd 18-inch ?ll?? wh??l?. An All-Terrain X ???k?g? is ?l?? ?v??l?bl? ?nd ??m?? w?th all-terrain t?r??, h?ll descent ??ntr?l, ?ll-w??th?r fl??r mats, and  ?ff-r??d suspension. GMC’? Int?ll?l?nk ?nf?t??nm?nt system with a ??v?n-?n?h t?u?h??r??n and the T??n Dr?v?r feature ?r? n?w standard on the 2017 C?n??n. A r?v???d 3.6-liter V-6 ?ng?n? ?nd ??ght-????d ?ut?m?t?? tr?n?m?????n r??l???? th? older unit ?f th? same d???l???m?nt ?nd six-speed un?t. Trailer br?k? control is ?l?? n?w ?v??l?bl? with th? V-6 ?ng?n?. The SLT trim is now available w?th heated ?t??r?ng wh??l. Three n?w exterior ??l?r?, D?rk Slate M?t?ll??, R?d Qu?rtz Metallic, and M?n?r?l Metallic, th? l?tt?r ?f wh??h ?? only ?v??l?bl? in the D?n?l? tr?m.

The 2017 GMC Canyon is th? automaker’s ?m?ll??t pickup truck, ?v??l?bl? ?n two ??b ?t?l?? ?nd tw? b?d l?ngth?. R??r-wh??l dr?v? ??m?? ?t?nd?rd ?nd four-wheel dr?v? ?? ??t??n?l ?n all variants except the m?nu?l-??u????d f?ur-??l?nd?r g?? v?r??nt.

Three ?ng?n?? ?r? ?ff?r?d ?n the 2017 Canyon, a 2.5-l?t?r I-4 r?t?d ?t 200 h? and 191 lb-ft of t?r?u?, a 3.6-l?t?r V-6 rated ?t 308 hp ?nd 275 lb-ft, ?nd 2.8-l?t?r turb?d????l I-4 w?th 181 h? and 369 lb-ft. A six-speed m?nu?l tr?n?m?????n ?? ?t?nd?rd ?n th? 2.5-l?t?r I-4, ?nd a ??x-????d automatic is ??t??n?l. Diesel-powered C?n??n? come ?t?nd?rd with the six-speed ?ut?m?t?? while th? gas V-6 is ?nl? ?v??l?bl? with an ??ght-????d ?ut?m?t??. Th? d????l engine ?? the m??t fu?l ?ff????nt ?t 22/30 m?g ??t?/h?ghw?? f?r rear-drive m?d?l? and 20/28 m?g for f?ur-wh??l drive v?r??nt?. Wh?n ??u????d w?th th? gas 2.5-liter I-4, th? Canyon ?? r?t?d ?t 20/26 m?g w?th the automatic, 19/26 mpg with th? manual, ?nd 19/24 m?g with f?ur-wh??l dr?v?. Tru?k? powered with the V-6 are rated at 18/25 m?g for r??r-dr?v? models ?nd 17/24 mpg w?th f?ur-wh??l dr?v?.

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Av??l?bl? f??tur?? ?n?lud? GMC’s Int?ll?l?nk ?nf?t??nm?nt system with n?v?g?t??n ?nd a l?rg?r ??ght-?n?h touchscreen, h??t?d fr?nt seats, 4G LTE ??nn??t?v?t?, f?ur USB ports, Android Aut? and A??l? C?rPl?? connectivity, a rearview ??m?r?, remote ?t?rt, a ??v?n-????k?r B??? ?r?m?um ?ud?? ???t?m, ?nd 17-18-?n?h ?ll?? wh??l?.

The NHTSA gave th? 2017 C?n??n a four-star ?v?r?ll ??f?t? r?t?ng (?ut of a ?????bl? five stars). Onl? th? ?r?w ??b v?r??nt has b??n t??t?d by th? IIHS, ???r?ng G??d in the moderate overlap fr?nt crash test (G??d ?? th? highest possible ???r?). In the front crash ?r?v?nt??n test, th? C?n??n received a B???? rating since it’s n?t ?v??l?bl? w?th ?ut?m?t?? ?m?rg?n?? br?k?ng. A?t?v? safety f??tur?? ?n?lud? f?rw?rd collision w?rn?ng and l?n? d???rtur? warning.

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Vehicle Type: fr?nt-?ng?n?, r??r- ?r r??r-/4-wh??l-dr?v?, 4- ?r 5-?????ng?r, 4-d??r ???ku?

Base Prices:

  • SL, $21,880;
  • B???, $24,895;
  • SLE, $28,890;
  • SLT, $33,275;
  • D?n?l?, $39,995
2017 GMC Canyon for sale

2017 GMC Canyon Engine

Engine Types: DOHC 16-v?lv? 2.5-l?t?r ?nl?n?-4, 200 h?, 191 lb-ft; DOHC 24-valve 3.6-l?t?r V-6, 308 hp, 275 lb-ft; turb??h?rg?d ?nd ?nt?r???l?d DOHC 16-v?lv? diesel ?nl?n?-4, 181 h?, 369 lb-ft

Transmissions: 6-speed m?nu?l, 6-speed automatic w?th m?nu?l shifting m?d?, 8-speed automatic w?th m?nu?l ?h?ft?ng mode


  • WHEELBASE: 128.3-140.5 in
  • LENGTH: 212.4-224.6 ?n
  • WIDTH: 74.3 in HEIGHT: 70.3-70.7 ?n
  • PASSENGER VOLUME: 97-107 cu ft
  • CURB WEIGHT (C/D EST): 4150-4950 lb

Fuel Economy: EPA ??t?/h?ghw?? dr?v?ng: 17-22/24-30 m?g

C/D Test Results For: 2016 GMC C?n??n Diesel 4×4 Cr?w C?b

  • Zero t? 60 m?h: 9.4 ???
  • Z?r? t? 100 m?h: 38.5 sec
  • Rolling start, 5-60 mph: 10.3 sec
  • T?? g??r, 30-50 m?h: 5.3 ???
  • T?? g??r, 50-70 mph: 7.4
  • St?nd?ng Ľ-m?l?: 17.0 ??? @ 79 mph
  • T?? speed (g?v?rn?r limited): 100 m?h
  • Br?k?ng, 70-0 m?h: 184 ft
  • R??dh?ld?ng, 300-ft-dia ?k?d??d: 0.72 g
  • Curb weight: 4941 lb
  • C/D ?b??rv?d fu?l ???n?m?: 22 m?g
  • C/D ?b??rv?d 75-m?h h?ghw?? dr?v?ng: 28 m?g


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