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2017 Land Rover Discovery Specification, Price & Review

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Car Prices & Reviews 2017 Land Rover Discovery

2017 Land Rover Discovery

2017 Land Rover Discovery specs

NEW 2017 Land Rover Discovery

Th? L?nd Rover D????v?r? ?? a m?d-??z? luxur? SUV, fr?m th? Br?t??h m?nuf??tur?r L?nd R?v?r. There h?v? b??n f?v? g?n?r?t??n? of th? vehicle, the f?r?t ?f which w?? introduced ?n 1989, th? ????nd ??ll?d th? S?r??? II u?d?t? in 1998, th? third g?n?r?t??n, t?tl?d Discovery 3, launched ?n 2004 ?nd w?? m?rk?t?d ?n North Am?r??? ?? th? Land R?v?r LR3. Th? f?urth ?n 2009 w?? the Discovery 4—Land R?v?r LR4 f?r N?rth Am?r???n m?rk?t?. Th? f?fth g?n?r?t??n D????v?r? was ?ntr?du??d ?n 2017, ?nd ?m?t? the num?r?? suffix ?f th? ?r?v??u? tw? versions.

Th? f?fth-g?n?r?t??n D????v?r? was unv??l?d ?n th? gr?und? of P??k?ngt?n Hall n??r Meriden, UK ?n 28 September 2016, the ?v? ?f the 2016 Paris M?t?r Show, ?nd w?nt on ??l? ?n the UK in F?bru?r? 2017. Bu?lt on a platform shared w?th the R?ng? R?v?r and R?ng? R?v?r S??rt, th? ?urr?nt Discovery leaves b?h?nd m?n? ?f th? d???gn tr?d?t??n? ?f f?rm?r g?n?r?t??n? for a more modern, th?ugh l??? ?v?rtl? practical, d???gn. Th?? m?d?l also m?rk? the return ?f the Discovery marque in the U.S. m?rk?t, r??l???ng th? LR moniker ?f the ?r?v??u? g?n?r?t??n models. There ?r? f?v? ???t, seven seat ?nd ??mm?r???l v?n v?r???n? ?n Ireland ?nd other Eur????n markets.

Th? design of th? th?rd-g?n?r?t??n D????v?r? w?? ?r?v??w?d by the D????v?r? V????n C?n???t ?t the 2014 New York Aut? Sh?w, and th? ?r?du?t??n d???gn stays very true ?n th? exterior. In ?r?f?l?, the exterior design is ?l?? very similar t? th? ?m?ll D????v?r? Sport model. In ??ntr??t to previous Discovery m?d?l?, th? th?rd-g?n?r?t??n h?? a mu?h more rounded ?h???, ???h?w?ng the tr?d?t??n?l ?ngul?r d???gn. Th? tail l?ght? h?v? changed fr?m a vertical orientation t? h?r?z?nt?l, and th? third-row ??d? gl??? n? l?ng?r bl?nd? ?nt? the r??f gl???. The t??lg?t? ?? no longer h?r?z?nt?ll? split and has been r??l???d w?th a conventional top hinged t??lg?t? m?d? fr?m ??m????t?. Th? r??f ?? ?t?ll ?t????d ?v?r the th?rd row, th?ugh ?t ?? now l?rg?l? ???m?t?? ?n ??m??r???n t? th? previous m?d?l? ?nd the r??f n?w h?? a ?tr?ng t???r t? the b??k. Th? ?nt?r??r ?l???l? follows th?t fr?m other ??nt?m??r?r? L?nd R?v?r m?d?l?, while ??nt?nu?ng th? 3-row tr?d?t??n ?f the Discovery.

2017 Land Rover Discovery pricing

2017 Land Rover Discovery Exterior

Th? n?w D????v?r? 5 incorporates several ?h?ng?? ?v?r ?t? predecessors. F?r th? first t?m?, the D????v?r? ?? b???d around L?nd R?v?r’? aluminium ?r?h?t??tur?, first introduced ?n th? R?ng? R?v?r (L405). Th? use ?f ?lum?n?um ?h????? ?nd b?d? panels gives a w??ght l??? ?f up t? 480 kg ?v?r its ?r?d??????r. This w??ght loss ??mb?n?d w?th a n?w ??r?d?n?m?? d???gn, achieves a fu?l efficiency improvement ?v?r ?r?v??u? D????v?r? g?n?r?t??n?. The new D????v?r? ?? ?ff?r?d w?th a ??mb?n?t??n ?f V6 petrol and d????l ?ng?n??. All D????v?r? 5′? are ??u????d with a standard 8 ????d ?ut?m?t?? tr?n?m?????n. An ?v??l?bl? option ???k?g? ?dd? a two speed tr?n?f?r ???? (l?w r?ng? g??rb?x) ?nd the option of an ??t?v?l? locking r??r d?ff?r?nt??l. C??l ??r?ng? ?r? n?w ?t?nd?rd on b??? tr?m models, wh?l? ??r ?u???n???n is ?t?ll ?ff?r?d ?? ?n option.

Land R?v?r ?l?? ?ntr?du??? Terrain R????n?? 2 ?n th? D????v?r? 5. Similarly t? the f?r?t g?n?r?t??n ?f Terrain R????n??, Terrain R????n?? 2 constantly monitors wh??l ?l??, wh??l ????d, angle ?f ???r???h or d???rtur?, ?nd th? suspension’s compression ?r r?b?und t? ?dju?t the anti-lock braking ???t?m, throttle response, differentials ?nd tr??t??n ??ntr?l ???t?m?. Th? dr?v?r can ??l??t modes for ?n?w, grass, gr?v?l, mud rut?, ??nd, ?r r??k ?r?wl?ng b? the ???n of a d??l ?n th? centre ??n??l?. T?rr??n Response 2 also introduces a new ‘Aut?’ mode th?t ?ll?w? th? vehicles computer t? select the m??t ???r??r??t? m?d? ?n ?t? ?wn.

2017 Land Rover Discovery car reviews

2017 Land Rover Discovery

Th? Discovery 5 ?? the first D????v?r? t? b? built ?n a un?b?d? chassis, unl?k? its ?r?d??????r? wh??h w?r? bu?lt body ?n frame. Th?? ?ll?w? th? vehicle t? have higher t?r???n?l r?g?d?t? with l??? w??ght. A???rd?ng t? the ?ut?m?t?v? press, th? l?t??t generation h?? a h?gh?r w?d?ng depth (u? t? 35.6”), ?m?r?v?d gr?und ?l??r?n?? ?nd a m?r? comfortable r?d? wh?l? traversing adverse terrain.

Su????t, ??rt ?f SC Gr?u?, ?ff?r two v?h??l?? b???d on a modified D????v?r? 4 platforms. The Specialist Ut?l?t? V?h??l? 600 (SUV 600) ?? a ?r?du?t??n ?t?nd?rd Land R?v?r Discovery 4 th?t ?? ??nv?rt?d t? 6×6 or 6×4 ??nf?gur?t??n for u?? ?n the emergency ??rv???? ?nd w?d?r ut?l?t? sectors. Th? L?ght Reconnaissance V?h??l? 400 (LRV 400) is an open l?ghtw??ght 4×4 v?h??l? ?f th? Land Rover D?f?nd?r ?l???. The LRV 400 w?? d?v?l???d b???d ?n a ??mb?n?t??n ?f m?rk?t r????r?h ?nd customer f??db??k from the 2011-unv??l?ng ?f a ?r??f-?f-??n???t ?l???d ??b variant. D?v?l??m?nt ?f th? LRV 400 ??nt?nu??, th? latest Mk2 shown ?ubl??l? for the first t?m? ?t DSEI 2015 (15–18 S??t?mb?r). The m??t significant d???gn ?h?ng? f?r the Mk2 ?? a ?w?t?h ?f th? automotive platform t? the Land Rover D????v?r? 4 rather th?n th? off-road r???r ?l?tf?rm previously ?ff?r?d.

used 2017 Land Rover Discovery review

2017 Land Rover Discovery Back Side

L?nd R?v?r ?ff?r? ?n ?rm?ur?d v?r???n ?f th? D????v?r? 4, the Sentinel. Pr?t??t?d t? L?v?l B6 (defined ?n ????rd?n?? w?th European St?nd?rd EN1063 BR6 (gl?z?ng) ?nd EN1522 and ?? ??rt?f??d b? QinetiQ, according t? Jaguar Land R?v?r the Discovery 4 Sentinel ?? ?lm??t ?nd??t?ngu??h?bl? fr?m th? n?n-?rm?ur?d Discovery 4. As a f??t?r? ?u??l??d ?r?du?t the v?h??l? ??m?? w?th a Land R?v?r three-year ?r 50,000 miles (80,000 km) w?rr?nt?, th? ?u???rt ?f Land Rover’s w?rldw?d? d??l?r n?tw?rk and a range ?f additional ?ft?r ??l?? packages. A? ?f J?n 1?t, 2017, some 1,200,000 Discovery models h?d been ??ld ?n t?t?l ??n?? l?un?h in 1989.

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2017 Land Rover Discovery consumer reports

2017 Land Rover Discovery Interior Design

2017 Land Rover Discovery price

2017 Land Rover Discovery Engine

2017 Land Rover Discovery specification

2017 Land Rover Discovery Interior Detail




  • fr?nt-?ng?n?, all-wheel-drive, 5- ?r 7-?????ng?r, 4-d??r hatchback


  • SE, $50,985;
  • HSE, $57,945;
  • HSE Td6, $59,945;
  • HSE Luxur?, $64,945;
  • HSE Luxur? Td6, $66,945;
  • F?r?t Edition, $74,945


  • turb??h?rg?d ?nd ?nt?r???l?d DOHC 24-valve 3.0-l?t?r d????l V-6, 254 h?, 443 lb-ft; ?u??r?h?rg?d ?nd ?nt?r???l?d DOHC 24-v?lv? 3.0-l?t?r V-6, 340 hp, 332 lb-ft


  • 8-????d automatic with m?nu?l shifting mode


  • Wheelbase: 115.0-115.1 ?n
  • L?ngth: 195.7 ?n
  • W?dth: 81.6 in Height: 73.5 ?n
  • Passenger volume: 104-139 ?u ft
  • Curb weight (C/D ??t): 5250-5400 lb


  • Z?r? to 60 mph: 6.0-7.7 ???
  • Zero t? 100 m?h: 15.4-21.8 sec
  • St?nd?ng ¼-m?l?: 14.6-16.0 sec
  • T?? ????d: 130 mph


  • EPA combined/city/highway dr?v?ng: 18-23/16-21/21-26 mpg (C/D ??t)


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