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2017 Lincoln MKZ Specification, Price & Review

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CAR MAINTENANCE | AUTO REPAIR | MECHANIC ADVICE - 2017 Lincoln MKZ Specification, Price & Review

Car Prices & Reviews 2017 Lincoln MKZ

2017 Lincoln MKZ

2017 Lincoln MKZ ratings

2017 Lincoln MKZ

Th? L?n??ln MKZ, ?? a f?ur-d??r, f?v?-?????ng?r mid-size luxur? sedan manufactured b? F?rd ?nd m?rk?t?d ?? th? Z??h?r (MY 2006) ?nd as th? MKZ (MY 2007–present) by F?rd’? L?n??ln brand — ??r??? two g?n?r?t??n? ?n b?th g???l?n? ?nd hybrid g??/?l??tr?? m?d?l?. Al?ng w?th the b?dg? ?ng?n??r?d variant Ford Fusion, th? MKZ is m?nuf??tur?d ?t F?rd’? H?rm???ll? Stamping & Assembly ?l?nt ?n M?x???.

The MKZ r????v?d a f???l?ft f?r th? 2017 m?d?l year. R?v??l?d ?n N?v?mb?r 18, 2015 at th? LA Auto Sh?w, th? MKZ is the f?r?t t? ?d??t L?n??ln’? n?w d???gn language ?r?v??w?d ??rl??r ?n th? L?n??ln C?nt?n?nt?l ??n???t ??r, f??tur?ng r?d???gn?d fr?nt gr?ll? ?nd headlights. Th? 3.7 L V6 will b? dropped ?n favor ?f an all-new 3.0 L tw?n-turb? V6 ?ng?n? un??u? to L?n??ln, ?r?du??ng b?tw??n 350 ?nd 400 horsepower depending on th? dr?v?-tr??n. Tr?m l?v?l? include th? ?t?nd?rd m?d?l, plus Pr?m??r?, S?l??t, R???rv? and t?? level Black Label, wh??h ?? thr?? ??????l appearance ???k?g??, a tr?d?t??n started with the Designer Ed?t??n? ?n 1976. Th? MKZ ?ff?r? th? “Vineyard” (unique t? th? MKZ), “Ch?l?t”, ?nd “Th?r?ughbr?d” th?m? ?????r?n?? ???k?g??. In continuing w?th Lincoln tr?d?t??n, Bridge of W??r “D?????ft” leather ?? used f?r th? S?l??t ?nd Reserve tr?m ???k?g??.

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NEW 2017 Lincoln MKZ

Th? tr?n?m?????n ?? n? l?ng?r ??t?v?t?d w?th a center console ?n?t?ll?d transmission ??l??t?r; the computer controlled tr?n?m?????n u??? buttons installed t? the left ?f th? MyLincoln T?u?h infotainment touch ??r??n l?b?l?d “P, R, N, D, S”, a r?v?v?l ?f an approach used ?n th? 1950s b? th? Chrysler push butt?n P?w?rFl?t? ?nd th? P??k?rd T?u?hbutt?n Ultramatic. Th? “S” tr?n?m?????n ??l??t??n represents “S??rt” mode, wh?r? the Continuously C?ntr?ll?d Damping ?u???n???n, electric power ?t??r?ng ?nd transmission shift ???nt? take ?n a different ???tur?.

D????t? ?t? ?l??k design, th? MKZ ?? a b?t ?f a ?u?nd?r?: It shares ?t? und?r??nn?ng? with the F?rd Fu???n but ???t? m?r?. Th?r? are tw? g??-?ng?n? ?h????? ?lu? a h?br?d v?r???n. Th? b??? engine is a 245-h? 2.0-l?t?r turb? f?ur-??l?nd?r; a tw?n-turb? 3.0-l?t?r V-6 ?? optional w?th 350 h? for front-drive m?d?l? ?nd 400 h? with ?ll-wh??l drive. B?th ?ng?n?? h?v? a six-speed ?ut?m?t??. The h?br?d is front-drive ?nl? with a CVT. Th? 400-h? MKZ h?t 60 m?h ?n 4.8 ????nd? ?n testing.

S?m?wh?r? in the r???nt ???t, L?n??ln d?v?lv?d ?nt? th? ?ft?rth?ught d?v????n ?f th? F?rd M?t?r C?m??n?. Once the l??t T?wn Car ?????d ?nt? th? h?nd? ?f ??m? l?v?r? ??rv???, Lincoln’s ?nv?nt?r? was r?du??d to a ?l?w ?f r?m?d? Fords ?n search ?f a m?rk?t niche to f?ll. And h?r?’? the 2017 L?n??ln MKZ, ?n u?d?t?d v?r???n of th? ????nd-g?n?r?t??n ??d?n th?t h?? b??n ?n ??l? ??n?? the 2013 m?d?l ???r.

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2017 Lincoln MKZ specification

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Wh?l? the 2013 MKZ ?????r?d wholly g?n?r??, th? 2017 m?d?l, thanks to a n?w grille ?nd headlights, n?w l??k? l?k? a J?gu?r XJ that’s b??n ??u??h?d ?n a ??n?n? ?r???—??t ?n? m?r? L?n??ln th?t k?nd? ??rt? l??k? like ?t’? trying to b? ??m?th?ng else. Th? r?d? is ?n improvement, but it’s the f?r?t ?x?m?l? ?f ??t another n?w L?n??ln “d???gn language” th?t’? ?r?b?bl? doomed t? b? r??l???d ?n tw? ???r?.

Und?rn??th, th? MKZ ?? still a F?rd Fu???n with flashier tailoring. It r?d?? ?n th? same 112.2-?n?h wheelbase ?? th? Fu???n ?nd uses the ??m? b???? ?h?????. In b??? f?rm the MKZ is powered by th? 245-h? 2.0-l?t?r turb??h?rg?d four-cylinder th?t’? optional ?n th? Fusion. Both ??r? ?r? ?v??l?bl? w?th ??th?r fr?nt- ?r ?ll-wh??l dr?v? ?nd ?r? ?r?du??d ?l?ng??d? ???h other ?t F?rd’? Hermosillo, Mexico, ????mbl? ?l?nt.

Yet, d????t? th? ?r???d?ng ??r???t?? blu?t?r, th?r?’? some n?w m??h?n???l ?ub?t?n?? under th? n?w??h MKZ ?k?n. That’s ?n the f?rm of a 3.0-l?t?r tw?n-turb??h?rg?d V-6 with direct ?nj??t??n ?nd v?r??bl? v?lv? timing th?t, ?t l???t f?r n?w, is ?x?lu??v? to Lincoln. Related t? the 2.7-l?t?r E??B???t turbo V-6 u??d in th? 2017 F?rd Fusion S??rt, th?? V-6 (labeled 3.0 GTDI, as Lincoln d???n’t ??? “EcoBoost”) gains d???l???m?nt v?? ?n ?n?r???? ?n cylinder b?r? fr?m 83.0 millimeters t? 85.3 ?nd a ?tr?k? l?ngth?n?d b? 3.0 m?ll?m?t?r? t? 86.0. Al??, whereas th? 2.7’? bl??k ?? cast ?r?n, the L?n??ln’? 3.0 is aluminum.

With ?ll-wh??l dr?v?, the L?n??ln 3.0-liter ??rr??? a thum??ng 400-h? rating ?t a r?l?t?v?l? l?w 5500 r?m. And th?r?’? a full 400 lb-ft ?f torque on hand ?t 2750 r?m. But ??t f?r fr?nt-wh??l dr?v? and th? engine ?? electronically capped ?t 350 h?r????w?r; th? torque r?t?ng ?t??? th? ??m?. At 400 horsepower, th? AWD Lincoln r??r???nt? a b?g l??? fr?m th? 325-h? 2.7-l?t?r EcoBoost ?n th? Fu???n Sport.

The engine ?? the best th?ng ?b?ut th? evolved 2017 MKZ. This turbo V-6 pulls l?k? a bl??k h?l? w?th matter-of-fact power, seamless t?r?u? d?l?v?r?, ?nd flawless manners as th? r?v? bu?ld. That ?ut?ut is sent thr?ugh a ??x-????d automatic w?th t?ghtl? ???k?d ratios that top out with a d?r??t-dr?v? f?fth g??r ?nd ?n easygoing 0.74:1 overdrive ??xth. It’? certainly ?u??k, with the 4307-??und MKZ 3.0T wh???h?ng t? 60 m?h in 4.8 ????nd? ?nd ?lur??ng u? the ?u?rt?r-m?l? ?n 13.4 ????nd?.

The wayback machine reports th?t the n?w MKZ’? ????l?r?t?v? ??rf?rm?n?? ?? 1.5 ????nd? ?u??k?r t? 60 mph ?nd 1.4 seconds ?u??k?r through th? ?u?rt?r-m?l? than the 2013 v?r???n powered by a naturally ????r?t?d 3.7-l?t?r V-6. And th? new car’s 5.5-second run fr?m 5 to 60 m?h b??t? the ?ld ??r b? a full second. One m?n?r ???u?: Th? six-speed automatic g??rb?x’? shifts ??m?t?m?? feel l?z?.

S?m? C/D ?t?ff m?mb?r? believe th?t g?nufl??t??n is the ?nl? ?r???r r????n?? u??n ????ng a set ?f M??h?l?n P?l?t Super Sport tires on a ??r. And on a P?r??h? ?r Corvette, P?l?t Super S??rt? are br?ll??ntl? r????n??v?, ?tu??nd?u?l? t?n????u?, ?nd ?m?z?ngl? ??mf?rt?bl?. But on th? ??ftl? sprung MKZ th?? bounce ?l?ng as if the car were r?d?ng on f?ur b??k?tb?ll?. Plu?, th?r?’? a h?ll?w cavity ??und that the L?n??ln’? electronic ??t?v? noise cancellation can’t ??m?l?t?l? ?l?m?n?t?. Worst ?f all, ?ft?r ??rn?r?ng, th? wh?l? car w?g? l?k? th? t??l of a N?wf?undl?nd ?u??? th?t ju?t discovered freeze-dried ?h??k?n j?rk?. It th?n t?k?? ??m? t?m? to recover ?t? composure. And th? all-wheel-drive ???t?m ??n’t ?bl? t? keep u?, either, ?? th? MKZ ?t?ll w?nt? t? t?r?u?-?t??r ?ff th? r??d.

In ?um, th??? ?r? ?umm?r-?nl? ???rt?-??r t?r?? f?tt?d to a ??r tun?d for ?ll-?????n t?ur?ng rubb?r. In fact, th? ?l???rd in th? d??rj?mb of our t??t ??r g?v? ?w?? th? f??t th?t ?t ?t?rt?d life without th??? t?r??—th? ?l???rd listed a d?ff?r?nt t?r? ??z? than th??? f?tt?d t? th? ??r—wh??h Lincoln r??? n? d?ubt ?w????d ?n h??? of ?m?r?v?ng test numb?r?. Th?t ???d, th? high-performance f??tw??r is und?n??bl? ?t??k?. Our M??h?l?n-?h?d MKZ adhered t? th? ?k?d??d t? th? tun? ?f 0.93 g ?nd ?t????d from 70 mph in a ??mm?nd?bl? 156 f??t w?th n? ????r?nt br?k? fade.

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2017 Lincoln MKZ Engine

On? g?t? th? sense that th??? tires w?r? specially ?h???n for v?h??l?? th?t w?uld ??? ??rf?rm?n?? testing b? the m?d??. A???rd?ng to Lincoln’s ?nl?n? ??nf?gur?t?r f?r th? 2017 MKZ, th? optional summer t?r? w?ll b? a 245/40R-19 (just l?k? the Michelins on ?ur t??t ??r); although th? Lincoln website d???n’t ?????f? th? tire br?nd ?r m?d?l, ?t’? h?rd t? ?m?g?n? d??l?r? ordering h?gh-??rf?rm?n?? rubb?r f?r th?? ??r. W? have tested the Fusion S??rt with all-season and ?umm?r tires, with th? most n?t?bl? d?ff?r?n??, n?t surprisingly, b??ng ?n braking and ??rn?r?ng.

T?r?? ???d?, the r??t of th? MKZ ?? a typical ??rl?-21?t-??ntur? luxur? ride. Th? ???t? are ??mf?rt?bl? ?nd supportive w?th?ut being aggressive. There’s enough room for f?ur moderately sized ????l?, although th?r? ?r? ???tb?lt? f?r f?v?. And th? ?n?trum?nt?t??n is well ????t??n?d ?nd ???? t? r??d. Th? rack-and-pinion ?t??r?ng h?? a r?l?t?v?l? ?u??k 14.8:1 r?t??, but ?t d???n’t ?ff?r much f??l.

And, ?f ??ur??, th?r?’? a full l??d ?f ?t?nd?rd and ??t??n?l t??hn?l?g???l w?z?rdr?: l?n?-d???rtur? w?rn?ng, ??r?ll?l ?nd perpendicular ??rk?ng assistance, ?d??t?v? ?ru??? ??ntr?l, ?nd ?lm??t ?v?r?th?ng bu??r? have ??m? to ?x???t ?n th?? ??gm?nt. Th?r?’? also pre-collision warning w?th ??d??tr??n d?t??t??n, so if ??u run someone d?wn, ?r????ut?r? w?ll have d? f??t? evidence ?f ??ur murderous ?nt?nt.

Prices for th? n?w MKZ start ?t $36,095 for a fr?nt-dr?v?r ??w?r?d by the 2.0-l?t?r four. A loaded Bl??k Label ?d?t??n w?th ?ll-wh??l dr?v?, the 3.0-liter turb? V-6, and other ??t??n? ??n rip r?ght ???t $63,000. There’s ?n MKZ h?br?d, ?l?? ?t?rt?ng at $36,095, which shares ?t? 2.0-l?t?r Atk?n??n-???l? four ?nd nearly every ?th?r ??w?rtr??n piece w?th the F?rd Fu???n h?br?d. Th? MKZ Reserve AWD m?d?l we dr?v? h?d a ?t?rt?ng ?r??? ?f $42,485. Th? ?t?nk?ng turb? V-6 adds $4000, ?nd m?r??d ??t??n? br?ught th? t?t?l t? $59,975.

Wh?t th? MKZ h?? going f?r ?t is th?t new 3.0-l?t?r turb? six—finally, L?n??ln g?t? ??m?th?ng t? ??ll its ?wn. What ?t l??k? is any other distinction. Th?? car, l?k? ?th?r L?n??ln?, ??n’t ju?t?f? the br?nd’? ?x??t?n??. Even wh?n ?t’? riding ?n b??k?tb?ll?.

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VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, 4-wh??l-dr?v?, 5-?????ng?r, 4-d??r ??d?n

PRICE AS TESTED: $59,975 (b??? ?r???: $43,735)

ENGINE TYPE: tw?n-turb??h?rg?d ?nd intercooled DOHC 24-v?lv? V-6, ?r?n-?nd-?lum?num block ?nd aluminum heads, d?r??t fu?l ?nj??t??n

D???l???m?nt: 180 ?u in, 2956 cc

  • Power: 400 h? @ 5500 r?m
  • Torque: 400 lb-ft @ 2750 r?m

TRANSMISSION: 6-speed ?ut?m?t?? w?th m?nu?l ?h?ft?ng mode


  • Wh??lb???: 112.2 ?n
  • L?ngth: 193.9 in
  • Width: 73.4 ?n H??ght: 58.1 ?n
  • Passenger v?lum?: 99 ?u ft
  • C?rg? v?lum?: 15 ?u ft
  • Curb w??ght: 4307 lb


  • Z?r? t? 60 mph: 4.8 ???
  • Z?r? to 100 mph: 12.0 ???
  • Zero to 130 m?h: 22.6 sec
  • R?ll?ng ?t?rt, 5-60 m?h: 5.5 sec
  • Top g??r, 30-50 m?h: 2.8 ???
  • T?? g??r, 50-70 m?h: 3.4 ???
  • St?nd?ng ¼-m?l?: 13.4 ??? @ 105 m?h
  • T?? ????d (g?v?rn?r l?m?t?d): 150 m?h
  • Br?k?ng, 70-0 mph: 156 ft
  • R??dh?ld?ng, 300-ft-d?? ?k?d??d*: 0.93 g


  • EPA ??t?/h?ghw?? dr?v?ng: 17/26 m?g
  • C/D ?b??rv?d: 19 m?g



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