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2017 Nissan Titan XD Specification, Price & Review

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Car Prices & Reviews 2017 Nissan Titan XD

2017 Nissan Titan XD

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2017 Nissan Titan XD

Th? 2017 N????n T?t?n XD f?ll? the g?? b?tw??n t?????l l?ght-dut? ?nd heavy-duty tru?k? in t?rm? ?f price and capabilities. W?th a v?r??t? ?f tr?m levels and a ?tr?ng diesel engine ??t??n, it’s a un??u? tru?k th?t offers something its ??m??t?t?r? don’t. Th? 2017 N????n T?t?n XD ?dd? a n?w body ?t?l? t? its l?n?u?, a r?gul?r ??b with an 8-f??t b?d. Intended ?? a w?rk v?h??l?, th?? new ??nf?gur?t??n w?ll b? ?v??l?bl? ?n b??? S or midgrade SV tr?m, ?nd ?t w?ll ?x??nd the T?t?n XD? ?lr??d? formidable payload and t?w?ng r?t?ng? b? ju?t a bit. N????n h?? ?l?? ?nn?un??d th?t 2017 Titans ?nd 2017 Titan XD? w?ll g?t a 5-???r/100,000-m?l? bum??r-t?-bum??r w?rr?nt?.

A m?d-2016 u?d?t? br?ught a gas-powered 5.6-l?t?r V-8 to the T?t?n XD? engine h?u??, providing ?u?t?m?r? with a ?l?ghtl? ?h????r ??t??n th?n th? ?r?v??u?l? standard 5.0-l?t?r Cumm?n? turb?d????l V-8.

Th? 2017 N????n T?t?n T?t?n XD ???u???? a slim ???t??n ?f wh?t? ????? ?n th? full??z? truck m?rk?t. In d???gn?ng the T?t?n XD, Nissan ?ng?n??r? felt th?r? w?? a ???t??n of customers b??ng underserved by modern trucks, ?u?t?m?r? wh? n??d?d a bit more ????b?l?t? ?nd performance th?n a 1/2-t?n ??uld ?ff?r, but wh? d?dnt care f?r th? ?v?rk?ll found ?n th? m?d?rn h??v?-dut? truck m?rk?t ?n terms ?f price ?nd power ?ut?ut. F?r th??? tru?k buyers, Nissan bu?lt th? XD u??ng l????n? l??rn?d fr?m ?t? heavy-duty commercial v?n?. A ju?t-r?ght ??mb?n?t??n ?f ??z? ?nd ??w?r h?l?? the T?t?n XD neatly ??l?t th? d?ff?r?n?? b?tw??n th? 1/2-ton ?nd 3/4-t?n tru?k m?rk?t.

Th? N????n T?t?n XD w?nt ?n sale ?n l?t? 2015 ?? a 2016 model, ?nd f?r 2017, N????n is staying the ??ur??. Th? Titan XD ?? ?n ?n-b?tw??n?r, d?f??ng easy ??gm?nt?t??n. In concept, ?t? similar t? the bygone Ch?vr?l?t Silverado 1500HD ?r F?rd F-250LD: a 1/2-ton tru?k fit w?th h??v??r-dut? suspension ?nd runn?ng gear.

In th?t l?ght, th? Titan XD b?g?n? t? m?k? ??n??, th?nk? in part to ?t? Nissan Commercial V?h??l??d?r?v?d ?h????? and Cummins-sourced 5.0-liter turb?d????l V-8 backed u? by ?n Aisin six-speed ?ut?m?t?? tr?n?m?????n. Th?t ?ng?n? was th? ?nl? ?ff?r?ng for th? T?t?n XD for m??t of ?t? f?r?t m?d?l year, g?v?ng owners ??ntr?l over 310 hp ?nd 555 lb-ft of t?r?u?. P?w?r like th?t ?nd?w? th? Titan XD with a ???l??d ??????t? ?f 2,420 ??und? with the r?gul?r cab ?nd a towing ??????t? ?f 12,640. T? b? f??r, the F?rd F-150? r?t?ng? l?? within spitting d??t?n?? of th??? numb?r?, but th? Titan XDs r??d-hugg?ng w??ght and heavy-duty ??m??n?nt? mean it h?ndl?? h?rd w?rk better th?n 1/2-t?n ??m??t?t?r?.

In mid-2016, another engine ??t??n b???m? ?v??l?bl?. A ????nd-g?n?r?t??n 5.6-l?t?r Endurance gasoline V-8 b???m? th? n?w ?t?nd?rd ?ng?n? f?r the T?t?n XD, lowering its b??? ?r???. The gas V-8 h?? a lower towing ??????t? th?n th? d????l but, surprisingly, ?t? ???l??d r?t?ng ?? ?b?ut 500 pounds higher, ?t 2,910 ??und? f?r th? regular ??b. This ?? du? t? th? T?t?n XDs f?x?d gr??? v?h??l? w??ght r?t?ng and th? g?? engines lower weight, m?k?ng more ????? und?r th?t GVWRs u???r l?m?t for m?r? payload.

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2017 Nissan Titan XD specification

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Th? 2017 N????n T?t?n XD has n?t b??n rated f?r safety b? th? NHTSA or IIHS. Traction control, ?t?b?l?t? ??ntr?l, ?l??tr?n?? brake f?r?? d??tr?but??n, and braking ?????t ?ll work t? ?r?v?nt ?r??h??, wh?l? driver and passenger front ??rb?g?, ??d? ?urt??n ??rb?g?, ?nd fr?nt-???t t?r?? ??rb?g? h?l? r?du?? injuries if a ??ll????n ???ur?. P?rk?ng ??n??r?, ?n ?v??l?bl? multi-camera ??rk?ng ???t?m, ?nd blind-spot m?n?t?r?ng also help t? prevent ??ll????n? ?nd m?k? dr?v?ng th? large truck ?????r.

Th? 2017 Nissan T?t?n XD crew ??b ?? ?v??l?bl? ?n f?v? trims: S, SV, Pr?-4X, SL, and Pl?t?num R???rv?. The Pr?-4X comes ?t?nd?rd w?th f?ur-wh??l dr?v?, ?nd ?ll others h?v? r??r-wh??l dr?v? ?t?nd?rd with four-wheel dr?v? ?? an option. Th? r?gul?r ??b ?? ?nl? ?v??l?bl? in base S and m?dl?v?l SV tr?m?, ?nt?nd?d as ?t ?? f?r fl??t? ?nd work duty. The T?t?n XD ??m?? standard with a 5.6-liter g???l?n? V-8, with a 5.0-l?t?r turbodiesel V-8 ??t??n?l.

S ??m?? standard w?th power w?nd?w? and d??r locks, Blu?t??th, and a ??l?t front b?n?h f?r six-passenger seating. 17-?n?h wh??l? ?r? ?t?nd?rd, ?? they ?r? ?n the SV. Th? SV ?l?? ??m?? w?th a l?ng?r l??t ?f standard ?nd ?v??l?bl? ??u??m?nt, and w? th?nk ?t represents a g??d v?lu? f?r m??t casual truck bu??r?.

Off-roaders, however, will w?nt th? 2017 N????n T?t?n XD Pro-4X. W?th B?l?t??n monotube ???l?v?r shocks, the Pr?-4X h?? a surprisingly composed ?ff-r??d ride, ?lth?ugh ?t? massive w??ght m?k?? ?t??lf kn?wn ?n d??? mud ?r sand. H?ll descent ??ntr?l and a locking rear d?ff?r?nt??l add to ?t? ?ff-r??d t?l?nt?. Embr??d?r?d ?l?th ?r optional l??th?r seats ?dd ??m? flash to th? Pr?-4X? interior.

The SL is the entry-luxury T?t?n XD, with bright-finished 20-inch wh??l?, a 12-????k?r R??kf?rd F??g?t? audio ???t?m, a l??th?r interior w?th ???t h??t?ng, ??m? extra ?nt?r??r ?nd ?xt?r??r br?ghtw?rk. Th? Platinum R???rv? ?n?lud?? n??rl? everything ?? ?t?nd?rd, ?n?lud?ng h??t?d ?nd ???l?d front ???t?, a burn??h?d d?rk-?hr?m? f?n??h for th? wh??l? ?nd exterior br?ghtw?rk, and m?r?. A DVD entertainment ???t?m ?nd h??t?d m?rr?r? ?r? th? Platinum R???rv?? only options.

A v?r??t? of packages ?dd convenience and luxury f??tur?? t? lower trim l?v?l?, ?nd th? Pro-4X, SL, ?nd Pl?t?num R???rv? ??m? ?t?nd?rd with LED h??dl?ght? and h?l?g?n f?gl?ght?.

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Vehicle Type: fr?nt-?ng?n?, rear-/4-wheel-drive, 5-?????ng?r, 4-door truck

Price As Tested: $53,085 (b??? ?r???: $39,485)

Engine Type: DOHC 32-v?lv? V-8, aluminum bl??k and h??d?, d?r??t fu?l ?nj??t??n

Displacement: 339 ?u ?n, 5552 ??

  • P?w?r: 390 h? @ 5800 rpm
  • T?r?u?: 401 lb-ft @ 4000 r?m

Transmission: 7-????d ?ut?m?t?? w?th m?nu?l shifting m?d?


  • Wh??lb???: 151.6 ?n
  • L?ngth: 243.6 in
  • W?dth: 80.7 ?n H??ght: 78.4 ?n
  • Passenger volume: 120 ?u ft
  • Curb weight: 6682 lb

C/D Test Results:

  • Zero to 60 mph: 7.4 sec
  • Zero t? 100 mph: 21.1 ???
  • Rolling start, 5-60 m?h: 7.6 sec
  • Top g??r, 30-50 mph: 3.7 sec
  • T?? g??r, 50-70 m?h: 5.5 ???
  • St?nd?ng -m?l?: 15.8 ??? @ 88 m?h
  • T?? speed (g?v?rn?r limited): 105 mph
  • Braking, 70-0 mph: 205 ft
  • R??dh?ld?ng, 300-ft-d?? ?k?d??d: 0.72 g

Fuel Economy: C/D ?b??rv?d: 13 mpg


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