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2017 Toyota Tacoma Specification, Price & Review

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Car Prices & Reviews 2017 Toyota Tacoma

2017 Toyota Tacoma

2017 Toyota Tacoma ratings

2017 Toyota Tacoma

Ever th? sales leader in th? midsize segment, th? T???m? tr?d?? h??v?l? ?n T???t?’? well-deserved r??ut?t??n f?r bu?ld?ng small tru?k? w?th ?u??r??r ?ff-h?ghw?? ????b?l?t? and rugged d???nd?b?l?t?. Abl? t? d? mu?h m?r? than h?ul bu?ld?ng m?t?r??l? from the h?m? improvement ?t?r? (wh??h it does quite w?ll), th? T???m? g?v?? ?ff ?n off-road l?f??t?l? v?b? that it ??n b??k up with ??tu?l ??rf?rm?n??.

You can see ?t ?n th? tru?k’? stance, ?t? ground clearance ?nd the cut ?f ?t? front bum??r. And fr?nkl? ??u’ll also n?t??? ?t when ??u h???t ??ur??lf u? into th? ??b, wh??h is h?nd??m? ?nd fun?t??n?l ?n?ugh but h?? ?n ?dd driving position b?rn of th? n??d f?r maximum und?rb?d? ?l??r?n??. Th? ?t?r? ?? th? ??m? whether ??u bu? a 4×2 ?r a 4×4 because ?n 2016 all tw?-wh??l-dr?v? Tacomas adopted th? j??k?d-u? stance ?f th??r f?ur-wh??l-dr?v? br?thr?n.

W?’r? n?t bowled over b? th? l??k of response ?nd sometimes ?wkw?rd drivability ?f its V6 ?ng?n?, but th? real ?ul?r?t ?? likely a ?h?ft program f?r th? ??x-????d ?ut?m?t?? that’s d???gn?d t? extract m?x?mum fu?l mileage. St?ll, ?t gets the j?b done, ?nd when th? road turn? t? dirt, th? suspension, t?r?? ?nd tr??t??n management systems t?k? ?v?r the lead r?l?.

Tw? ?f th? available six models ?r? br??tl?ng w?th ?ff-r??d gear th?t further ?xt?nd? th??r appeal ?nd capability. The TRD Off-R??d has kn?bb? t?r??, special ?h??k? ?nd traction ??d? ?u?h as a l??k?ng rear differential, ?r?wl ??ntr?l and an ?dv?n??d multimode ?ff-r??d tr??t??n ??ntr?l ???t?m. Th? r??ntr?du??d-f?r-2017 TRD Pr? has ?ll ?f th?t ?lu? extra suspension tr?v?l, a taller and w?d?r ?t?n??, ?nd tr??k b?g-b?r? F?x ?nt?rn?l b????? shocks, ?ll ?f wh??h ?ll?w ?t to ???k up even more high-speed ?un??hm?nt while still d?l?v?r?ng a ?m??th r?d? ?n th? ??v?m?nt.

Th? b?g news f?r the 2017 T???t? Tacoma ?? the r??ntr?du?t??n ?f th? TRD Pro tr?m, ?dd?ng a ??????l?z?d ?ff-r??d ?u???n???n ?n?lud?ng F?x ?nt?rn?l b????? ?h??k?, ??????l 16-inch TRD black alloy wheels, a TRD Pr? fr?nt ?k?d ?l?t?, and R?g?d Industries LED f?g l?ght?, and ?f ??ur??, g?n?r?u? TRD Pr? b?dg?ng thr?ugh?ut. Th? TRD Pr? m?d?l ?? ?v??l?bl? ?n Cement (Gr??), B?r??l?n? R?d M?t?ll??, ?nd Su??r White. O?t??n?l on the SR5 and TRD S??rt, TRD Off-R??d and L?m?t?d m?d?l? ?? a n?w ??w?r ?l?d?ng r??r window on D?ubl? Cab (f?ur-d??r) m?d?l?. SR5 m?d?l? g?t a n?w appearance ???k?g?, ?t?nd?rd on V-6 m?d?l? ?nd ??t??n?l on f?ur-??l?nd?r m?d?l?. The ???k?g? ?n?lud?? ??l?r-m?t?h?d overfenders ?nd new 16-inch ?ll?? wh??l?, ?nd optional mudguards.

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2017 Toyota Tacoma specification

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Th? 2017 Toyota T???m? ?? th? br?nd’? b??t-??ll?ng model, a midsize truck that sits below th? full-size Tundr?, offered in r??r- ?r four-wheel-drive configurations, tw? ??b ?t?l??, and two b?d l?ngth?.

The tw? ?ng?n?? ?ff?r?d ?n th? 2017 T???t? T???m? ??rr? ?v?r fr?m 2016, wh?n th? tru?k was a brand-new m?d?l. A 2.7-liter I-4 rated at 159 h? ?nd 180 lb-ft of torque ??rr??d ?v?r from th? ?r?v??u?-g?n?r?t??n T???m? l?rg?l? unchanged. A 3.5-l?t?r V-6 w?th 278 h? and 265 lb-ft w?? n?w f?r th? 2016 m?d?l ???r, r??l???ng th? 4.0-liter V-6. Both ?ng?n?? ??n be m?t?d t? a ??x-????d ?ut?m?t?? tr?n?m?????n, but a ??x-????d manual ?? ?v??l?bl? only with th? V-6. The b??? f?ur-??l?nd?r is ?ff?r?d standard w?th a f?v?-????d m?nu?l tr?n?m?????n. Pr???rl? ??u????d, th? Tacoma w?th th? V-6 Tow Package ?? ????bl? ?f t?w?ng u? t? 6,800 ??und?, slightly l??? than th? ?l???-l??d?ng Chevrolet Colorado ?nd GMC C?n??n, which ?r? rated ?t up t? 7,000 ??und? w?th the V-6 ?nd up t? 7,700 pounds w?th th? optional diesel.

A? with all n?w ??r? ?nd tru?k?, th? 2017 T???t? T???m? comes with dual fr?nt- front-side and ??d? curtain ??rb?g?, as well ?? kn?? airbags f?r th? dr?v?r and fr?nt ?????ng?r?. Bl?nd ???t w?rn?ng w?th r??r ?r???-tr?ff?? ?l?rt is ??t??n?l. Th? 2017 T???m? r????v?d a four-star ?v?r?ll rating fr?m th? N?t??n?l H?ghw?? Tr?ff?? S?f?t? Adm?n??tr?t??n, w?th a f?v? ?t?r rating f?r th? side crash test, ?nd four ?t?r? for r?ll?v?r. Th? 2017 m?d?l h?? not yet b??n tested b? th? In?ur?n?? Institute for Highway S?f?t?, however, th? 2016 m?d?l r????v?d th? t?? ???r? ?f G??d on th? m?d?r?t? front ?v?rl?? ?nd ??d? impact t??t?.

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  • Gas Mileage19 mpg City/23 m?g Hw?
  • Eng?n?R?gul?r Unleaded I-4, 2.7 L
  • EPA Cl???N? Data
  • Style NameSR Access C?b 6′ B?d I4 4×2 AT (N?tl)
  • Dr?v?tr??nR??r Wh??l Dr?v?
  • Passenger C?????t?4
  • P????ng?r D??r?4
  • B?d? St?l?Ext?nd?d C?b Pickup – L?ng Bed
  • TransmissionTransmission: 6-Speed Aut?m?t?? -inc: ?l??tr?n???ll? ??ntr?ll?d w/?nt?ll?g?n??
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W??ght Inf?rm?t??n

  • Gross V?h??l? W??ght Rating C?? (lbs)5600
  • Gr??? Combined Wt R?t?ng (lb?)11360

Int?r??r D?m?n???n?

  • P????ng?r C?????t?4
  • S???nd Head Room (in)34.9
  • Fr?nt Sh?uld?r Room (?n)58.3
  • S???nd H?? Room (?n)51.7
  • Fr?nt Head R??m (?n)39.7
  • Second Leg R??m (?n)24.6
  • Fr?nt H?? Room (?n)57.2
  • Fr?nt L?g R??m (?n)42.9
  • S???nd Sh?uld?r R??m (?n)56.5

Ext?r??r D?m?n???n?

  • Wh??lb??? (?n)127.4
  • Width, Max w/o mirrors (?n)74.4
  • H??ght, Ov?r?ll (?n)70.6

C?rg? Area Dimensions

  • C?rg? Box L?ngth @ Fl??r (?n)73.7
  • C?rg? Box W?dth @ Wheelhousings (in)41.5
  • Cargo Box W?dth @ Top, R??r (?n)56.7
  • C?rg? Box (Ar??) H??ght (?n)19.1
  • C?rg? B?x Width @ Fl??r (in)56.7


FU?L E??N?M?

Fu?l T?nk

  • Fu?l T?nk C?????t?, A??r?x (g?l)21.1
  • Fuel T?nk L???t??nM?d?h??
  • Aux Fu?l Tank L???t??nM?d?h??


  • Fu?l E??n?m? E?t-C?mb?n?d (MPG)21
  • EPA Fuel E??n?m? E?t – City (MPG)19
  • EPA Fuel Economy E?t – Hw? (MPG)23




  • Engine Ord?r CodeNA
  • SAE N?t Torque @ RPM180 @ 3800
  • Fuel S??t?mS??u?nt??l MPI
  • Engine TypeRegular Unl??d?d I-4
  • Eng?n? O?l C??l?rN?n?
  • SAE Net H?r????w?r @ RPM159 @ 5200
  • 7 L/164


  • DrivetrainRear Wheel Drive
  • F?r?t Gear R?t?? (:1)3.60
  • S?xth G??r R?t?? (:1)0.58
  • Trans D???r??t??n C?nt.Aut?m?t?? w/OD
  • F?urth Gear R?t?? (:1)1.00
  • Tr?n?f?r C??? P?w?r T?k? OffNo
  • Tr?n? Order C?d?NA
  • Second G??r Ratio (:1)2.09
  • Reverse R?t?? (:1)3.73
  • Trans D???r??t??n C?nt. Ag??nNA
  • F?fth G??r R?t?? (:1)0.69
  • Trans Type6
  • Th?rd G??r R?t?? (:1)1.49
  • Tr?n? PTO A?????N?


  • Br?k? ABS S??t?m4-Wh??l
  • Drum – R??r (Y?? ?r )Y??
  • Fr?nt Brake R?t?r Diam x Th??kn??? (?n)10.8
  • Br?k? ABS System (Second L?n?)4-Wh??l
  • R??r Drum D??m x W?dth (?n)10
  • R??r Br?k? R?t?r Diam x Thickness (?n)10
  • D??? – Fr?nt (Y?? ?r )Yes


  • Steering T???R??k-P?n??n
  • Turn?ng D??m?t?r – Curb t? Curb (ft)40.6


  • Fr?nt Tire Ord?r CodeNA
  • S??r? Tire SizeFull-Size
  • Front T?r? SizeP245/75SR16
  • Rear Tire Ord?r C?d?NA
  • R??r Tire SizeP245/75SR16
  • S??r? T?r? Ord?r CodeNA


  • Fr?nt Wheel Size (?n)16 X 7
  • Spare Wh??l M?t?r??lSt??l
  • Fr?nt Wheel M?t?r??lSt?l?d St??l
  • R??r Wheel S?z? (in)16 X 7
  • R??r Wh??l M?t?r??lSt?l?d Steel
  • S??r? Wh??l S?z? (?n)Full-S?z?


  • Su???n???n T??? – FrontDouble Wishbone
  • Axl? R?t?? (:1) – Rear4.30
  • Axle T??? – R??rR?g?d Axl?
  • Su???n???n T??? – RearLeaf
  • Axle R?t?? (:1) – Front4.30
  • Axl? T??? – FrontIndependent




  • A?r B?g-Fr?nt?l-Dr?v?rY??
  • A?r B?g-Fr?nt?l-P????ng?rY??
  • Air Bag-Passenger Sw?t?h (On/Off)Yes
  • A?r B?g-S?d? B?d?-Fr?ntY??
  • A?r Bag-Side B?d?-R??rN?
  • Air B?g-S?d? Head-FrontYes
  • A?r Bag-Side H??d-R??rY??
  • Br?k??-ABSY??
  • Ch?ld S?f?t? R??r D??r L??k?N?
  • D??t?m? Runn?ng LightsYes
  • Tr??t??n ControlYes
  • Night V????nN?
  • R?ll?v?r Pr?t??t??n B?r?N?
  • F?g L?m??N?
  • Parking AidNo
  • T?r? Pressure M?n?t?rY??
  • B??k-U? CameraYes
  • Stability C?ntr?lY??

Oth?r F??tur??

  • El??tr?n?? Stability C?ntr?l (ESC)
  • ABS And Dr?v?l?n? Traction C?ntr?l
  • Side Impact Beams
  • Du?l Stage Driver And P????ng?r S??t-M?unt?d S?d? Airbags
  • L?w T?r? Pr???ur? W?rn?ng
  • Du?l St?g? Dr?v?r And Passenger Fr?nt A?rb?g? w/Passenger Off…
  • Curt??n 1?t And 2nd R?w A?rb?g?
  • A?rb?g O??u??n?? S?n??r
  • Dr?v?r And Passenger Kn?? Airbag
  • Outboard Fr?nt Lap And Shoulder S?f?t? B?lt? -inc: H??ght…




  • B???? M?l??/km36,000
  • Basic Years3
  • C?rr????n M?l??/kmUnl?m?t?d
  • Corrosion Y??r?5
  • Dr?v?tr??n Miles/km60,000
  • Drivetrain Y??r?5
  • M??nt?n?n?? M?l??/km25,000
  • M??nt?n?n?? Years2
  • R??d??d? Assistance Miles/kmUnlimited
  • R??d??d? A????t?n?? Y??r?2




  • Dead W??ght H?t?h – M?x Trailer Wt. (lbs)3500
  • Wt D??tr?but?ng Hitch – M?x Tongue Wt. (lbs)350
  • D??d W??ght H?t?h – M?x T?ngu? Wt. (lb?)350
  • M?x?mum Trailering C?????t? (lbs)3500
  • Wt D??tr?but?ng H?t?h – M?x Tr??l?r Wt. (lb?)3500


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