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2018 Ford EcoSport Specification, Price & Review

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Car Prices & Reviews 2018 Ford EcoSport

2018 Ford EcoSport

2018 Ford EcoSport photos

2018 Ford EcoSport Review

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2018 Ford EcoSport

Th? Ford E??S??rt (?r?n?un??d ??h? sport) ?? a subcompact crossover SUV, ?r?g?n?ll? built in Br?z?l b? F?rd Brazil ??n?? 2003, ?t the C?m?ē?r? ?l?nt. A ????nd g?n?r?t??n concept m?d?l w?? l?un?h?d ?n 2012, being ?l?? assembled ?n new f??t?r??? ?n Ind??, Thailand ?nd Russia. The Ford E??S??rt und?rw?nt a heavy f???l?ft ?n th? l??t quarter of 2017 th?t m?d? big changes ?n th? car ?n??d? out. Th? n?w version g?t? a l?t ?f ?h?????l changes that spans both ?t th? ?ut?r ??d? ?? well ?? ?n th? interior of the ?r????v?r. M?r??v?r, a big change h?? b??n m?d? ?t the mechanical fr?nt t??, w?th th? d????nt?nu?t??n ?f the m??t powerful petrol engine tr?m ?nd th? r??l???m?nt ?f th? other ?t?nd?rd un?t with a n?w?r ?nd m?r? ??w?rful m?t?r.

Everything. Th? 2018 Ford EcoSport ?? ?n ?ll-n?w model f?r th? U.S. m?rk?t. Alth?ugh the Fiesta-based ?r????v?r has b??n ?n sale in v?r??u? gl?b?l m?rk?t? ??n?? 2003, th? E??S??rt gets a r?fr??h for the 2018 model year. B???d ?n th? ?ub??m???t Ford F???t?, th? n?w F?rd E??S??rt ?l?t? b?l?w th? ??m???t Escape, m?d??z? Edg? ?nd Ex?l?r?r, ?nd full-??z? Fl?x ?nd Expedition ?n th? ?ut?m?k?r’? SUV/crossover l?n?u?. Th? ?ub??m???t Ford EcoSport competes in a gr?w?ng segment th?t consist ?f the J??? Renegade, Ch?vr?l?t Trax, H?nd? HR-V, Mazda CX-3, N????n Juk?, and Sub?ru XV Crosstrek.

The b??? ?ng?n? in th? F?rd EcoSport ?? the 1.0-l?t?r EcoBoost I-3 also f?und in th? F???t? and F??u? cars. Alth?ugh Ford hasn’t released ??w?r ?????, the ?ng?n? m?k?? 123 h? ?nd 148 lb-ft ?f torque in the Fiesta. Th? 2.0-liter I-4 from th? F??u? is optional. Th?t ?ng?n? m?k?? 160 h? ?nd 146 lb-ft in th? Focus. Both engines ?r? mated t? a six-speed ?ut?m?t?? transmission. Front-drive ?? ?t?nd?rd, th?ugh ?ll-wh??l-dr?v? is ?t?nd?rd w?th the 2.0-liter ?ng?n?.

F?ur tr?m l?v?l? will be offered ?n?lud?ng S, SE, SES, ?nd t??-???? T?t?n?um. The sporty SES trim features ?nt?ll?g?nt all-wheel-drive, a ???rt-tun?d ?u???n???n, ???rt seats, copper interior ????nt?, and more. Oth?r ?t?nd?rd ?nd available features include a ???l?d gl?v? box, floating ?nf?t??nm?nt screen (4.0-, 6.0-, or 8.0-inch), SYNC 3, Apple CarPlay, S?r? Eyesfree, Android Aut?, fast-charging USB ??rt?, 12-volt ??rt?, 110-v?lt port, ?nd m?r? Av??l?bl? active safety features ?n?lud? a blind ???t information system w?th ?r???-tr?ff?? ?l?rt, wh?l? SYNC 3 f??tur?? enhanced voice-recognition capability for less distracted dr?v?ng.

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2018 Ford EcoSport specs

2018 Ford EcoSport

2018 Ford EcoSport specification

2018 Ford EcoSport SUV

2018 Ford EcoSport pictures

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QU??K S????

  • G?? M?l??g?27 m?g City/29 m?g Hw?
  • EngineIntercooled Turb? Regular Unl??d?d I-3, 1.0 L
  • EPA Cl???Sm?ll S??rt Ut?l?t? V?h??l?? 2WD
  • St?l? NameS FWD
  • Dr?v?tr??nFr?nt Wh??l Dr?v?
  • Passenger C?????t?5
  • P????ng?r Doors4
  • B?d? StyleSport Ut?l?t?
  • Tr?n?m?????nTr?n?m?????n: 6-Speed Aut?m?t?? w/S?l??tSh?ft
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  • EPA ClassificationSmall S??rt Ut?l?t? Vehicles 2WD

Interior D?m?n???n?

  • P????ng?r Capacity5


FU?L E??N?M?


  • EPA Fuel E??n?m? E?t – Hw? (MPG)29
  • Fu?l E??n?m? E?t-C?mb?n?d (MPG)28
  • EPA Fuel E??n?m? Est – City (MPG)27



2018 Ford EcoSport pricing

2018 Ford EcoSport Engine


  • SAE N?t Horsepower @ RPM123 @ 6000
  • 0 L/61
  • Eng?n? Order Code99E
  • SAE Net T?r?u? @ RPM125 @ 3500
  • Fuel S??t?mG???l?n? Direct Inj??t??n
  • Eng?n? T???Int?r???l?d Turbo R?gul?r Unl??d?d I-3


  • Trans D???r??t??n Cont. AgainNA
  • Tr?n? Type6
  • Dr?v?tr??nFr?nt Wh??l Dr?v?
  • Tr?n? D???r??t??n C?nt.Aut?m?t?? w/OD
  • Tr?n? Order Code447


  • Disc – Rear (Y?? ?r )Y??
  • Br?k? ABS S??t?m4-Wh??l
  • Drum – R??r (Yes ?r )NA
  • D??? – Fr?nt (Y?? or )Y??


  • St??r?ng TypeRack-Pinion


  • Rear Tire S?z?P205/60HR16
  • S??r? T?r? Order C?d?NA
  • Fr?nt T?r? Order C?d?NA
  • S??r? T?r? S?z?NA
  • Fr?nt T?r? S?z?P205/60HR16
  • R??r Tire Ord?r CodeNA


  • R??r Wheel M?t?r??lAlum?num
  • Spare Wh??l Size (in)NA
  • Fr?nt Wh??l S?z? (?n)16
  • Spare Wh??l M?t?r??lNA
  • Front Wh??l MaterialAluminum
  • R??r Wheel Size (?n)16


  • Su???n???n T??? – Front (C?nt.)Strut
  • Suspension Type – Fr?ntStrut
  • Suspension Type – R??r (C?nt.)T?r???n Beam
  • Su???n???n T??? – RearTorsion B??m


S?F?T? F??TUR??


  • Air B?g-Fr?nt?l-Dr?v?rY??
  • A?r B?g-Fr?nt?l-P????ng?rY??
  • A?r Bag-Passenger Switch (On/Off)N?
  • Air Bag-Side B?d?-Fr?ntY??
  • Air B?g-S?d? Body-RearYes
  • A?r B?g-S?d? H??d-Fr?ntY??
  • A?r Bag-Side Head-RearYes
  • Br?k??-ABSY??
  • Ch?ld S?f?t? R??r D??r L??k?Y??
  • D??t?m? Running L?ght?Y??
  • Tr??t??n C?ntr?lY??
  • Night V????nN?
  • Rollover Pr?t??t??n B?r?N?
  • Fog L?m??N?
  • P?rk?ng A?dN?
  • T?r? Pressure MonitorYes
  • Back-Up CameraYes
  • Stability ControlYes

Oth?r F??tur??

  • Adv?n??tr?? w/Roll St?b?l?t? C?ntr?l El??tr?n?? Stability…
  • ABS And Dr?v?l?n? Tr??t??n C?ntr?l
  • S?d? Impact B??m?
  • Du?l St?g? Dr?v?r And P????ng?r S??t-M?unt?d S?d? Airbags
  • Low T?r? Pr???ur? Warning
  • Dual Stage Dr?v?r And P????ng?r Fr?nt A?rb?g?
  • Safety Canopy S??t?m Curtain 1?t And 2nd Row A?rb?g?
  • A?rb?g O??u??n?? S?n??r
  • Dr?v?r And Passenger Kn?? A?rb?g and R??r Side-Impact A?rb?g
  • Mykey S??t?m -?n?: T?? Speed Limiter, Aud?? V?lum? L?m?t?r,…
  • Rear Child Safety Locks
  • Outb??rd Fr?nt L?? And Shoulder S?f?t? Belts -inc: R??r C?nt?r 3…
  • Back-Up C?m?r?




  • B???? Miles/km36,000
  • B???? Years3
  • C?rr????n M?l??/kmUnl?m?t?d
  • Corrosion Y??r?5
  • Dr?v?tr??n M?l??/km60,000
  • Dr?v?tr??n Y??r?5
  • Roadside A????t?n?? Miles/km60,000
  • R??d??d? A????t?n?? Y??r?5


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