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2018 Lincoln Navigator Specification, Price & Review

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Car Prices & Reviews 2018 Lincoln Navigator

2018 Lincoln Navigator

2018 Lincoln Navigator photos

2018 Lincoln Navigator

Ev?n before its r?d???gn, th? L?n??ln N?v?g?t?r w?? ?n? ?f ?ur f?v?r?t? luxury SUVs. Capable of ??mf?rt?bl? h?ul?ng ?l?nt? ?f people ?nd ??rg? wh?l? ?l?? t?w?ng a h??v? l??d, the N?v?g?t?r ???k?d l?t? of v?r??t?l?t?, even ?f ?t d?dn’t have ?u?t? th? gr?v?t?? of ??m? ?th?r rival SUV?. This ???r’? N?v?g?t?r, h?w?v?r, should h?ld more ?w?? with valet ?tt?nd?nt?.

Outside, the N?v?g?t?r has ?n entirely fr??h ?nd ?????l?ng new l??k. Up fr?nt, th?r?’? a ??mult?n??u?l? ?l??k and m????v? gr?ll? and n?w LED headlights. Und?r th? h??d is ?n ?m?r????v? n?w ??w?rtr??n. Th? N?v?g?t?r is ??w?r?d b? a r?v???d turb??h?rg?d 3.5-liter V6 th?t n?w ?r?nk? ?ut a ?t?ut 450 h?r????w?r. Putt?ng th?t ??w?r t? the ground ?? a new 10-speed ?ut?m?t?? tr?n?m?????n th?t r??l???? last ???r’? ??x-????d ?ut?m?t??. Ten speeds m?? ???m l?k? ?v?rk?ll, but you’ll h?rdl? notice the shifting, and the ?dd?t??n?l g??r?ng h?l?? ?m?r?v? b?th ????l?r?t??n ?nd fu?l ???n?m?.

Inside, the N?v?g?t?r uses t??-n?t?h m?t?r??l? ?n ?v?r? panel ?nd ?ff?r? u?d?t?d, m?d?rn t??h b?h?nd the ?nf?t??nm?nt screen and thr?? r?w? ?f ?dult-??z? ???t?ng w?th a m????v? amount of ??rg? ????? to b??k th?m u?. A? w?th ?th?r ?m?l? ??z?d m?d?l? of th?? ?l???, the N?v?g?t?r ??n’t th? ??????t t? drive in ?r?wd?d urban areas, but ?v?r?ll w? th?nk ?t w?ll b? one ?f the n????t luxury SUV? ?n the market f?r 2018.

Ev?r?th?ng. Th? 2018 Lincoln Navigator g?t? its first major m?k??v?r in a decade. Th?nk? t? a new ?h????? ?nd aluminum b?d? ??n?l?, the N?v?g?t?r l???? ?b?ut 200 ??und? over th? previous model. In addition t? the Continental-influenced ?xt?r??r ?t?l?ng, u?d?t?? include a r?v???d dr?v?tr??n, m?r? infotainment options, ?nd quieter interior ?? w?ll as m?r? luxurious ?nt?r??r appointments.

Th? full-size thr??-r?w 2018 Lincoln Navigator ?? the ?r?m?um brand’s fl?g?h?? m?d?l and sits above th? ??m???t MKC and midsize tw?-r?w MKX ?nd thr??-r?w MKT ?r????v?r? ?? w?ll ?? the full-size Continental ?nd midsize MKZ ??d?n?.

P?w?r f?r th? 2018 L?n??ln N?v?g?t?r comes from a ????nd-g?n?r?t??n tw?n-turb? 3.5-l?t?r E??B???t V-6 m?k?ng ?n ??t?m?t?d 450 h? ?nd 500 lb-ft ?f t?r?u?. The engine ?l?? features a n?w ?t??/?t?rt ???t?m. A 10-speed ?ut?m?t?? b??k? th? engine ?nd ??nd? power t? th? ?ll-wh??l-dr?v? ???t?m w?th an ?l??tr?n???ll? l??k?ng r??r differential.

2018 Lincoln Navigator specs

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2018 Lincoln Navigator specification

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Luxur? ?????ntm?nt? include fr?nt h??t?d ?nd v?nt?l?t?d 30-w?? ??w?r seats w?th m????g? fun?t??n ?nd m?m?r? ??tt?ng?, Fr?n?h-?t?t?h?d l??th?r ???t? ?n ?ll three r?w?, ????nd-r?w ?l?m?t? control ?nd t?lt?ng ????nd- ?nd th?rd-r?w seats.

Lincoln ???l?t?d th? Navigator’s ?nt?r??r fr?m the outside world b? ?dd?ng l?m?n?t?d w?nd?w?, a n????-??n??l?ng system, redesigned ?l?m?t? ducts, ?nd new tires. Infotainment features ?n?lud? a 20-????k?r Revel Ult?m? audio ???t?m, ?nd Andr??d Aut? ?nd Apple C?rPl??. Th? N?v?g?t?r also f??tur?? ????nd-r?w audio ??ntr?l?. An ?v??l?bl? r??r entertainment system features a pair of 10.0-?n?h screens on th? b??k of the front headrests ?? well ?? SD, HDMI, ?nd ?u??k-?h?rg?ng 2.5-?m? USB ??rt? (there are ??x USB ??rt? ?v?r?ll). Th? system also supports wireless ?tr??m?ng to ???h screen v?? Android ?h?n??.

N?t?bl? ??f?t? driver assistance f??tur?? ?n?lud? a h??d-u? d???l??, Trailer Backup A????t, a 360-degree ??m?r? system, ?nd ?d??t?v? ?ru??? control. The k?? fob in th? driver’s ?????????n will ?dju?t u? to 80 vehicle ??tt?ng? u??n ?t?rt u?.

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VEHICLE TYPE: fr?nt-?ng?n?, r??r- or ?ll-wh??l-dr?v?, 7- ?r 8-passenger, 4-d??r hatchback


  • Pr?m??r?, $73,250-$75,905;
  • Select, $77,250-$79,905;
  • L S?l??t, $81,945-$84,600;
  • R???rv? 4×4, $82,400;
  • L R???rv? 4×4, $85,600;
  • Bl??k Label 4×4, $94,900;
  • L Bl??k L?b?l 4×4, $98,100

ENGINE TYPE: tw?n-turb??h?rg?d ?nd intercooled DOHC 24-valve V-6, aluminum bl??k ?nd heads, port ?nd direct fu?l injection

2018 Lincoln Navigator ratings

2018 Lincoln Navigator Engine

D???l???m?nt: 213 cu ?n, 3496 ??

  • P?w?r: 450 h? @ 5500 r?m
  • T?r?u?: 510 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm

TRANSMISSION: 10-speed ?ut?m?t?? with m?nu?l ?h?ft?ng mode


  • Wh??lb???: 122.5-131.6 in
  • L?ngth: 210.0-221.9 ?n
  • Width: 83.6 ?n H??ght: 76.1-76.4 in
  • Passenger volume: 179-186 cu ft
  • Cargo volume: 19-34 cu ft
  • Curb w??ght (C/D ??t): 5800-6200 lb


  • Z?r? t? 60 m?h: 5.2-5.6 ???
  • Z?r? to 100 m?h: 14.8-15.1 sec
  • St?nd?ng ¼-mile: 13.7-14.0 sec
  • Top ????d: 115 mph

EPA FUEL ECONOMY: C?mb?n?d/??t?/h?ghw??: 18-19/16/21-23 mpg


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