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2019 Ford Ranger oil change procedure contains an extra step: wheel removal

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2019 Ford Ranger oil change procedure contains an extra step: wheel removal

Performing common maintenance on trendy automobiles could be a critical ache typically. It will get even worse for supercars just like the Lamborghini Huracan and Bugatti Veyron. Altering the oil on a type of is a full day’s work after which some. The opposite day, The Fact About Automobiles obtained some paperwork detailing the required steps to swapping oil on the 2019 Ford Ranger.

To get on the oil filter, you are going to have to take away the left entrance wheel. This step is not particularly egregious or remarkable on the planet of cars, however it’s annoying. Sometimes, trucks do not pressure individuals to do that. The truth is, not having to jack a vehicle up for an oil change is likely one of the largest advantages of truck maintenance. Automobiles with much less area up entrance may need you take away the wheel to get at a filter or drain plug.

Ford made some modifications to the U.S. market Ranger that pressured this transfer. An enlarged oil cooler for the two.three-liter EcoBoost means there isn’t any room for the filter to reside subsequent to the pan anymore. As an alternative, Ford moved it up and into the aspect of the engine block, protruding at a proper angle from it.

As soon as the wheel is off, there are 9 push-pin clips within the wheel properly that have to be eliminated earlier than entry to the filter is granted. (Have enjoyable with these 9 clips after one hundred,000 miles of wear and tear and tear.) Loads of trendy automobiles drive individuals to undergo these machinations to get to maintenance gadgets like these. Shrouding, panels and different coverings are all the time needing to be eliminated to get to issues — a number of this is because of set up of beneath-car aero for higher fuel financial system or underbody safety. The Ranger is not any totally different, because it additionally requires the removal of an entry panel to get to the drain plug.

We might wish to level out that Ford’s service intervals for many of its automobiles (non-staggered setups) recommends a tire rotation to go together with each oil change. There is no cause to anticipate something totally different for the Ranger, which means you are going to have the tires off concerning the time you are doing an oil change anyway. It is unreasonable to anticipate this regimented service schedule to be adopted explicitly all through the truck’s life, so the tire removal might turn into annoying down the street. We level this out, as a result of different mid-size trucks (Colorado, Tacoma, Ridgeline, and so forth.) do not require the identical extra step that the Ranger does. It is exhausting to think about this being the rationale for anybody to get turned off of Ford’s revamped pickup, although.

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