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4 Signs Your Car Needs Pothole Damage Repair

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Itís an unmistakable soundĖ that loud ďka-thunkĒ noise when youíre driving and also you hit an enormous pothole. Sadly, itís typically unavoidable too. Round this time of yr, pitted asphalt and hidden holes within the street make it troublesome to keep away from pothole injury.

Pothole injury will not be apparent immediately, however it will possibly wreak havoc in your whole car if itís not addressed shortly and glued proper the primary time. Look ahead to these 4 indicators that would imply itís time for pothole repair.

1. Your tires or rims are visibly broken

Close up of blown car tire, car stopped on roadwayIf one in every of your tire rims has a sizeable dent, thereís an excellent probability that your tire has been broken, as nicely. A flat tire is a surefire strategy to realize itís time for pothole repair, however look intently even when your tires arenít visibly deflated.

Does your tire sidewall have an irregular bulge or bubble in it? This might point out that the tireís inside lining has been broken, placing you in danger for a blowout. That would result in a pricey tire repair, however extra importantly, it might compromise your safety whereas driving. Cease by for a free tire inspection from a professional tire technician ASAP.

2. The steering wheel shakes or feels ďoffĒ

Hand gripping car's steering wheelYou understand precisely how your car drives, so likelihood is good that you simplyíll discover when one thing simply doesnít really feel proper. In case your steering wheel is vibrating or shaking, or if it looks like itís off-middle, itís time to have your wheel alignment checked. The pothole might have brought on misalignment or broken the steering element. A vehicle inspection will help determine and proper these unfavorable results pronto.


three. You see fluid leaking from beneath your car

Motor oil leak on concreteRelying on how deep the pothole was, itís attainable that the undercarriage of your vehicle was broken. The undercarriage can simply scrape the street floor when your car dips down right into a pothole, which may trigger fluid leaks and invite rust in locations you’ll be able toít even see. Yikes!

In the event you suspect you hit a deep pothole, deliver your vehicle in for an inspection. Educated technicians may also help spot any injury to your car’s undercarriage earlier than it turns into a critical (and dear) drawback.

4. You hear uncommon noises out of your exhaust system

Car Exhaust Colors: What is your car trying to tell you?Identical to you’ll be able toít see injury to the undercarriage, you probably gainedít be capable of see in case your exhaust system is in want of pothole repairóhowever chances are you’ll hear it!

In case your car is making noises you havenít heard earlier than, (you guessed it!) convey it in for an inspection. Damage to the exhaust system can result in lengthy-time period points together with your engine if left unaddressed.


Have you ever seen any of those indicators of pothole injury in your vehicle? Donít wait till small points flip into costly repairs. Make an appointment at your native Firestone Full Auto Care to save lots of your self time, cash, and hassle sooner or later.


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