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Can Brakes Overheat?

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YSkylar, a Firestone technician performs a brake service wearing grey overallsour physique can overheat. Laptops can overheat. And sure, your brakes can overheat.

The strain utilized to your vehicle’s brake pads generates friction. This friction causes the car to sluggish or cease completely, relying on how a lot pressure you apply to the brake pedal.

Whether or not you’re stopping each few ft in bumper-to-bumper visitors or merely coasting to a halt at your neighborhood’s 4-means cease—your brakes are working onerous to generate friction. The place there’s friction, there’s warmth. Typically, there’s an excessive amount of of it.

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Overheated brakes can present themselves in a number of alternative ways, by way of totally different sights, smells, and sensations. Be looking out for the next indicators, then comply with our ideas to assist keep away from overheating brakes sooner or later.

three Indicators Your Brakes Are Overheating

1. Your brake pedal feels delicate.

Over time, water from the air can acquire inside your vehicle’s brake fluid reservoir. When your brake fluid heats up from use, the water boils into steam and reduces the effectiveness of your brakes. This will trigger what’s referred to as “brake fluid fade” and result in a gentle or spongy feeling once you press down on the brake pedal. Notice that a spongy brake pedal may be as a consequence of different points, like air within the brake strains, brake line injury, or low brake fluid.

2. The brakes begin smoking (they usually odor dangerous).

Brake pads burned by aggressive driving may truly start to launch smoke.

And the place there’s smoke, there’s hearth, proper? Not essentially, however this can be a signal that there’s an extreme quantity of warmth that requires your immediate consideration.

You’ll be able to inform your brake pads are overheating if one thing smells funky, actually. Drivers who’ve sniffed out overheated brake pads say that it’s just like the scent of burning carpet. That’s an odor that even the mightiest pine-formed air fresheners could have a tough time heading off!

three. The brakes are squealing.

Fixed, extreme friction can generate a lot warmth that the brake pads turn out to be “glazed.” Meaning they’re smoothed down by aggressive driving, malfunctioning (caught) elements of the braking system, and comparable points that make it harder to generate stopping friction. Glazed brake pads may cause your car’s braking system to emit a squealing sound when the brakes are utilized. Examine different causes of squeaky brakes.

What To Do When Brakes Overheat

As quickly as you are feeling, odor, hear, and even suspect that one thing is flawed together with your brakes—the very first thing it is advisable to do is decelerate and discover a protected place to tug over.

When you’re safely stopped and letting your brakes cool, use your telephone to discover a brake repair place close to you. Then, use your best judgment to guage whether or not you’re capable of drive to assist or in the event you ought to name roadside help for towing, as an alternative.

three Methods to Keep away from Overheating Brakes

1. Drive cautiously, not aggressively.

Make clean and regular driving your aim! All the time depart sufficient distance between your car and different objects, whether or not these are automobiles or pedestrians. Moreover, be aware of your brake use when going downhill. “Driving the brakes” which suggests you’re not taking your foot off the pedal for extended durations, can result in overheating.

2. Attempt engine braking.

“Engine braking” means downshifting or letting up on the accelerator to decelerate moderately than going straight for the brake pedal. All the time take note of visitors and driving circumstances to provide your self loads of room to decelerate as an alternative of getting to slam the brakes.

three. Go to us repeatedly, or go to us urgently.

Hey, we’re right here for you both method. However if you wish to go to us by yourself time, cease by for a free brake verify to remain forward of brake issues. That goes for checking your brake fluid each few months, too!

Our technicians might help forestall scorching brakes from turning right into a scorching mess by diagnosing and repairing overheated brake pads. When push involves shove, we all know all energy’s ineffective with out stopping energy. Schedule your appointment as we speak!

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