Car Clay Bar, STYDDI 2 Pack Top Quality 6.3oz Auto Detailing Magic Wash Sludge Mud Remover Cleaner(Total 12.6oz) – Go4CarZ Store

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The floor of your car paint seems to be clean, however actually does not have issues? Attempt to clear and dry out your car paint, put skinny plastic paper on car physique and contact. If really feel grainy, that signifies the car physique is hooked up with the oxide layer which can’t be seen with eyes.

STYDDI car clear clay bar, a long-lasting Car Clay Bar, makes your car shine in seconds?! This merchandise is created to take away the particulate particles and contaminants that washing and sprucing cannot, STYDDI Clay Bar will take away embedded grains of metallic tree sap, air born environmental deposits and paint overspray from all types of vehicle surfaces, corresponding to paint, glass, and chrome.

Shade: Blue
Merchandise size: Approx. eight.5*5.eight*2.54cm / three.5*2.28*1 in
Merchandise weight: 180g / 6.3oz per piece

Tips on how to use it?
1. Wash vehicle very nicely to unfastened floor filth, calmly mist the floor with lube;
2. Glide the Clay Bar throughout the lubed area till end is clean and contaminants are eliminated;
three. Wipe the floor with clear towel or microfiber towel;
four. Because the bar turns into dirty, merely pull, stretch and refold to show a brand new, clear Aspect.

Earlier than use the Clay Bar, clear and soak it, be sure that the car physique is moist and with out giant-grain mud, watering whereas wiping the car; Store in a ziploc bag or wrap it in its unique plastic wrapping in a shaded place

SAFE AND EASY TO USE: 2 packs 6.34oz(180g) magic car clear clay bars, nice worth in your cash! It removes rail mud, water spots, tar, bugs, and paint over-spray simply from automotive paint and glass surfaces.
SMOOTH TEXTURE WITHOUT HURTING CAR PAINT: Clean and tender texture to stop scratching the car physique even when used aggressively to take away cussed stains
DUCTILE AND FLEXIBLE: STYDDI Clay Bars are very ductile and versatile. It may be kneaded into totally different shapes however not unfastened off, additionally can be utilized in house responsibilities to wash mud.
REUSABLE AFTER WASH: The Clay Bar may be reused time and again after cleansing, till it is too soiled to make use of.
NOTE: After use, dray naturally and wrap it with plastic luggage; Don’t retailer it within the place with temperature under zero; Maintain it away from youngsters.


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