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Do Fuel Efficient Tires Actually Help You Save Money on Fuel?

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hand pumping gas refueling at gas stationSaving fuel, saving cash, saving the planet…what might be higher? Fuel environment friendly tires sound virtually too good to be true—however they aren’t! Comply with alongside as we clarify the science behind fuel environment friendly tires, additionally referred to as low rolling resistance tires, and the way they enable you to guzzle much less fuel and save extra money. We’ll focus on one of many best-promoting fuel environment friendly tires from Bridgestone: Ecopia.

A Tire’s Fuel Effectivity Relies upon on Its Rolling Resistance

Tires can have an enormous influence on vehicle efficiency, from how nicely the car handles in several climate circumstances to how easily it drives. Your selection of tires can influence how typically that you must fuel up, too. The key lies in a tire’s rolling resistance.

Rolling resistance is the trouble required to maintain your tires rolling at a given velocity. Low rolling resistance tires require much less effort to maintain in movement than regular tires.

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The only strategy to perceive low rolling resistance is to think about two tires on the prime of a hill: one regular passenger tire, and one low rolling resistance tire. If the 2 tires are pushed with the very same pressure, the low rolling resistance tire will roll farther than the regular tire.

Low rolling resistance tires can usually assist you journey farther on one tank of fuel than regular tires. For instance, the Ecopia EP422 has been proven to assist automobiles and minivans get 20 additional miles per tank.*

Ecopia Tires Are Designed for Low Rolling Resistance

Relating to fuel-pleasant tires, Bridgestone Ecopia tires are a number of the best. Ecopia tires are engineered with each the setting and your pockets in thoughts. They’re the entire package deal. Simply take it from our tire technician!

Each facet of Ecopia tires is geared towards fuel effectivity. First, there’s the tire sidewall. Ecopia’s Fuel Saver Sidewall Compound helps decrease rolling resistance by returning extra power again to the tire (as an alternative of producing warmth) than a traditional sidewall.

Then there’s the precise tire composition. Ecopia tires are partially comprised of recycled floor rubber (hooray for much less waste!). Plus, their Nano Professional-tech + Silica compound helps management the interplay between polymer, filler supplies, and different rubber chemical compounds on the molecular degree to assist enhance the general rolling resistance of the tire.

Bridgestone’s all-season Ecopia HL was developed for small and medium-sized SUVs and CUVs, whereas the all-season Ecopia EP422 Plus is appropriate for sedans and minivans.

Attempt Different Methods to Enhance Fuel Effectivity

Selecting Bridgestone Ecopia tires in your vehicle isn’t the one solution to maximize your car’s fuel effectivity. Attempt these tricks to get probably the most out of every tank of fuel.

  • Be mild on the pedals. Each accelerating shortly at a inexperienced mild or braking abruptly at a pink mild require extra power (fuel) than easing into them. Relating to braking and accelerating, sluggish and delicate is the best way to go.
  • Scale back weight and drag. The heavier your vehicle is, the extra power it wants to remain shifting. The identical goes for aerodynamic drag, the quantity of wind resistance making use of pressure to your car. For those who don’t have to lug cargo round behind your truck, or when you don’t want that baggage rack on the roof, ditch them!
  • Maintain your tires correctly inflated. Underinflated tires scale back fuel effectivity. Do your best to verify tire strain each different time you refill and keep on with the really helpful tire strain present in your proprietor’s guide.
  • Get regular oil modifications. Don’t skip this routine maintenance, as previous, sludgy oil can find yourself hurting your vehicle’s fuel effectivity.
  • Keep away from idling. In response to the U.S. Division of Power, idling can use 1 / 4 to a half gallon of fuel per hour. Whereas it’s tempting to let your vehicle heat up on chilly days, or to maintain the car on when you’re ready for a good friend on scorching days, it’ll find yourself costing you.

So, do fuel-saving tires work, and may you actually save fuel with the correct tires? The reply is sure, particularly with regards to the Bridgestone Ecopia tires. Save money and time by shopping for reasonably priced tires on-line. Then prime off your financial savings by scheduling a fast tire set up at your native Firestone Full Auto Care.

*Based mostly on rolling resistance in lab testing evaluating Ecopia EP422 Plus (215/60R16) to Firestone FR710 (215/60R16) from new. Additional 20 miles based mostly on four hundred miles per tank. Precise results might differ based mostly on correct tire maintenance, vehicle, driving fashion, and street circumstances.


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