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  • three Fluid Film 11.75 oz Spray
  • Spray Can Extension Wand
  • Bonus #1 in Service Wallet Size Tissue Pack

Fluid Film® is a penetrant and lubricant additionally used for corrosion safety. It’s a non-poisonous, lengthy lasting, thixotropic
liquid that has been used for over 50 years in the extremely corrosive marine surroundings of ships and offshore drilling
rigs. Extra lately is has been launched and efficiently utilized in aerospace, plane and vehicle industries
in addition to for residence maintenance.

Fluid Film® is formulated from specifically processed wool-wax, extremely refined petroleum oils and chosen brokers to
present corrosion management, penetration, metallic wetting and water displacement. This lengthy lasting product incorporates no
solvents, won’t dry out and can penetrate to the bottom of all metals, offering corrosion safety from each pure
and industrial atmospheres. Closely corroded and/or frozen elements akin to nuts, bolts, shafts, and so on. that might be usually
broken throughout maintenance, can be salvaged by making use of Fluid Film®.

Fluid Film is a lanolin based mostly rust/corrosion preventive and lubricant that gives long run safety and lubrication
for all metallic surfaces. Fluid Film locks out and displaces moisture whereas lubricating shifting elements for extended durations
of time. It won’t be readily washed off with water, however creates a barrier of safety that continues to work even in
probably the most corrosive of environments. Fluid Film is the worldwide standard for corrosion safety and lubrication. Each
John Deere and Caterpillar use Fluid Film on their heavy gear earlier than cargo. It sits out in full publicity to salt
air, salt water, and rain, and the product continues to offer safety.

Fluid Film Package – Consists of Fluid Film 11.75 ounce Spray Bottles-three-pack with Spray Can Extension Wand and Bonus Number 1 in Service Wallet Size Tissue Pack. COMPLETE KIT!
Non-cheesy software. With solvent-based mostly supplies, the top product finally ends up being a gummy, sticky mess. Fluid Film will NEVER get cheesy, retaining an excellent-slick consistency that gives wonderful lubrication for shifting elements on all metals.
Eco-Pleasant. No solvents means no ozone depleting chemical compounds contaminating the environment. It’s categorized as non-poisonous and non-hazardous and is protected for use inside the house, in addition to out in the sector.
Fluid Film is manufactured utilizing an all-pure lanolin base. Lanolin is of animal origins, extracted from the wool of sheep, which use it as a waterproofing wax to assist in shedding water from their coats. It has been used for hundreds of years for its medicinal and rust-preventive properties.
The distinctive molecular construction of Fluid Film creates a non-drying coating that can final at the least a yr indoors defending gear from rust or corrosion, or a full season outdoors in the weather. Fluid Film is protected to make use of on all metals, won’t freeze, and won’t readily wash off a floor.


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