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How to Know When to Replace Your Car Battery

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Firestone tech Andres does a free battery checkThe best time to exchange your battery is earlier than you want to. However how have you learnt it’s time to exchange the battery if it’s not lifeless—but?

Positive, you may discover a number of widespread warning indicators of a weak battery, like:

  • Sluggish engine crank
  • Illuminated verify engine mild
  • Bloated, misshaped battery case
  • Battery fluid leak

    And should you don’t discover any warning indicators? Common knowledge says it is best to exchange your car battery about each three years, however many elements can affect its lifespan. You may want a brand new battery earlier than the three-yr mark relying on the local weather the place you reside and your driving habits.

Contemplate Your Local weather

Excessive temperatures influence battery life.

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Cold and hot climate can negatively have an effect on your battery.

When you step outdoors on an excellent-scorching day, you’re susceptible to turning into dehydrated. The identical is true in your car’s battery.

Like our our bodies, car batteries depend on liquids to hold shifting. The sweltering warmth of summer time can lead to evaporation of water in your car’s battery acid, leading to decreased efficiency, subpar beginning energy, and a shortened lifespan.

Moreover, scorching temperatures may also do a quantity on the center of your battery. When the warmth rises and the water in your battery evaporates, the probability and velocity of corrosion improve, and corrosion is likely one of the main causes of battery drainage and malfunctions.

However wait!—there’s extra, simply as scorching climate can hurt your car battery, chilly climate can, too.

When the warmth index turns to wind chill, your battery wants to work more durable to generate sufficient power to maintain your car operating easily. Chilly climate may also result in thicker engine oil, which places a further pressure in your battery.

In the event you stay in a very scorching local weather (we’re taking a look at you, Phoenix) or expertise an unusually chilly winter (hiya, Minneapolis), you may contemplate changing your battery extra typically than beneficial. A free battery examine at Firestone Full Auto Care might help you identify whether or not your battery is worn out. The center of nowhere is the flawed place to have a weak battery!

Mirror on Your Driving Habits

How you employ your car can have an effect on how lengthy your battery lasts.

When you persistently take brief journeys like every day drives to the workplace and the grocery retailer, as an example, your battery doesn’t have sufficient time to recharge absolutely between journeys. This will lead to decreased efficiency.

Additionally, in case your car sits within the storage or driveway for extended durations of time, its battery continues to drain passively even when the engine isn’t on. The excellent news is that these battery-draining habits make for nice excuses to take your journey on an excellent previous street journey. For the battery’s sake, you recognize?

Each mile you drive on a previous-its-prime battery is an inch nearer to getting stranded. For those who’re contemplating a brand new battery, don’t wait till you’re stranded to substitute it. Cease by your native Firestone Full Auto Look after a free battery verify.


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