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How to Stay Safe When Your Car Fishtails

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How to Stay Safe When Your Car FishtailsYou’re driving alongside on a wet day, simply making an attempt to get the place you’re going. You regulate your steering wheel to change lanes, and abruptly, the again of your car begins to skid. Gasp!

Your coronary heart begins to race. Inside an on the spot, you think, “What if I hit one other car? What if one other car hits me?” In that second, regaining management over your car and stopping the fishtail skidding is significant to your safety. Study what causes any such skidding, what to do in case your car fishtails, and the way to keep away from it within the first place.

What causes fishtailing in a car?

When your rear tires lose traction—or grip—on the street, your car begins to slide on the street’s floor quite than transfer within the course you’re steering. That is “fishtailing,” which can also be referred to as acceleration skidding or over-steering.

Fishtailing occurs most frequently on slick, icy, or snowy roads, however it’s additionally probably in heavy rain when the street begins to flood. It doesn’t simply occur when making a flip, both. Your car can simply begin skidding in case you’re driving too quick in much less-than-superb street circumstances.

In case your car begins to fishtail…

When the rear of your car begins skidding on the street, keep in mind these easy methods to cease fishtailing:

1. Don’t panic.

As scary as it’s when your car begins to slide in a course you don’t need to go, it’s necessary to stay calm. Give your self the best probability you’ll be able to to deal with the state of affairs successfully and hold your self, your passengers, and different drivers protected.

2. Flip the steering wheel within the course of the skid.

As quickly as you are feeling your rear wheels skidding, start turning the steering wheel in the identical path that the rear wheels are shifting. So, if the again finish of the car is sliding towards the driving force’s aspect, flip the steering wheel to the left. The rear is skidding towards the passenger aspect? Steer proper. This can assist your wheels flip again to the path you need to journey and provide help to regain management of your vehicle.

three. Take your foot off the fuel and gently brake.

When you lose management of your car, your first intestine response could also be to slam on the brakes to cease your vehicle from shifting. Resist this urge. As an alternative, take your foot off of the accelerator and pump your brakes in the event that they’re standard. When you’ve got anti-lock brakes (ABS) apply regular strain as an alternative of pumping, advises the Missouri Division of Transportation.

How to keep away from fishtailing and acceleration skidding

In fact, the best approach to maintain your self and your passengers protected is to keep away from fishtailing within the first place.

  • Scale back your velocity when roads are slippery from ice, snow, or heavy rain.
  • Add distance between your car and the driving force in entrance of you to forestall sudden braking if you’re in visitors.
  • Decelerate greater than you usually would when approaching and making a flip.
  • Substitute previous, worn-out tires. They merely can’t grip the street nicely and their lack of traction could lead on to harmful fishtailing once you’re driving in rain or different slippery circumstances.

Your tires play an enormous position within the safety of your vehicle, particularly in slick street circumstances. Be sure to’re driving on tires which are seasonally applicable in your area. In some areas, this implies investing in all-season tires. In others—just like the Rocky Mountains and different areas that see snow later into the yr—it means leaving your winter tires on a bit longer.

Unsure when you’re driving on the best tires in your particular wants? Don’t danger your safety on the street. At Firestone Full Auto Care, our technicians can make certain your tires are prepared to take you the place you want to go, whether or not you’re driving by means of lingering snow or spring rain showers. Go to your nearest Firestone Full Auto Care as we speak to converse with a tire professional right now!


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