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Junkyard Discover: 1979 MG Midget

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1979 MG Midget in California wrecking yard, RH front view - ©2019 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsBMC after which British Leyland churned out MG Midgets and close to-equivalent Austin-Healey Sprites for 20 years, with the ultimate instance coming off the Abingdon line in 1980. As a result of undertaking-grade Midgets nonetheless muddle garages, driveways, yards, and fields all through the land they usually’re not value a lot, the clock runs out for a lot of of them yearly.

The subsequent cease, often, is among the many Sephias and Jettas of the IMPORTS part at a self-service wrecking yard. Right here’s a forlorn ’seventy nine I noticed final week in California.

1979 MG Midget in California wrecking yard, front view - ©2019 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsOpposite to the assumption of these dwelling in Michigan or Massachusetts, automobiles do rust in California. Oh, sure they do! The worst corrosion horror-exhibits within the Golden State might be automobiles that park inside a block or two of the ocean, the place salt spray mixes with morning fog, however automobiles that sit outdoor for years could have their paint scorched away by the solar and their weatherstripping became black crumbly powder by the smog. Then the winter rains come and water collects beneath trim, carpeting, and vinyl tops. If a sure doomed British company saved a number of pence on supplies because of labour strife and the approaching collapse of society, you may see this course of happen even quicker than regular.

1979 MG Midget in California wrecking yard, rust - ©2019 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsValue restoring? No method. However house owners of surviving Spridgets — of which there are numerous close to this San Francisco Bay Space junkyard — will discover loads of helpful elements on this car.

1979 MG Midget in California wrecking yard, engine - ©2019 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsFor 1979, the U.S.-market Midget had huge plastic bumpers, jacked-up experience peak (to satisfy Uncle Sam’s headlight laws), and the only-carb 1,493cc engines out of the Triumph Spitfire. Fifty horsepower, which was enough to make this tiny 1,826-pound car really feel so much faster than it actually was. In the meantime, the ’seventy nine Honda Civic two-door weighed 151 kilos much less and had thirteen extra horsepower. Typically life isn’t truthful.

1979 MG Midget in California wrecking yard, interior - ©2019 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsBeneath all of the junkyard muddle, the interior seems to have been spared the worst ravages of the climate, in all probability as a result of the car’s prime stayed up in the course of the wilderness years.

It’s obtained 4 wheels and reflexes so fast it virtually appears alive.

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– Junkyard Discover: 1979 MG Midget –

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