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Junkyard Discover: 1987 Volkswagen Fox

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1987 Volkswagen Golf in Colorado wrecking yard, LH front view - ©2019 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsWhen you’re a European car producer within the center Nineteen Eighties, what do you do when Tercels and Excels and Justys make your worth-priced econobox appear too costly in North America? Should you’re Volkswagen, you name up your Brazilian operation and begin constructing Americanized variations of the VW Gol, successor to the Sort 1 Beetle within the South American market.

Right here’s a really early instance of the primary-yr Fox, present in a Denver-area self-service wrecking yard.

1987 Volkswagen Golf in Colorado wrecking yard, build tag - ©2019 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsThe Fox (to not be confused with the Audi-badged model of the early-Nineteen Seventies VW Dasher aka Audi eighty aka Passat, additionally referred to as the Fox in North America) was bought right here for the 1987 via 1993 mannequin years. This one was inbuilt September of 1986 and its manufacturing-sequence quantity (blanked out on this photo) is within the low three digits, so we’re taking a look at one of many very first Foxes bought.

1987 Volkswagen Golf in Colorado wrecking yard, instrument cluster - ©2019 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsThe odometer studying is low and the interior isn’t too fried by the Colorado solar, so I think this car spent most of its life in a storage. Maybe it broke a decade or two in the past, or perhaps its proprietor had a really brief and/or occasional commute. The large analog clock is the type of luxurious feature you’d have by no means seen on a Toyota Tercel, and it nonetheless retains good time at age 32; naturally, I’ve added it to my car clock assortment.

1987 Volkswagen Golf in Colorado wrecking yard, engine - ©2019 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsEnergy got here from the identical 1.eight-liter 4-cylinder engine that went into the bottom variations of the Golf, Jetta, and Scirocco; the Fox model made eighty one horsepower in 1987. Notice the fuel distributor for the dreaded CIS fuel-injection system, subsequent to the consumption manifold.

1987 Volkswagen Golf in Colorado wrecking yard, seat fabric - ©2019 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsRegardless of the great clock, this car was one of many least expensive variations of the Fox: a two-door sedan with 4-velocity guide transmission, scratchy industro-material upholstery, and no air con. The MSRP got here to only $5,690 in 1987, a steal in comparison with the $eight,one hundred ninety Golf that yr. In the meantime, the wretched 1987 Hyundai Excel bought for $5,995 and the nicely-constructed-however-boring 1987 Toyota Tercel had a $6,548 price tag. The tinny and underpowered Subaru Justy value $5,725. You may get the early-Nineteen Seventies-know-how Chevette for a mere $four,995 that yr (sure, GM was nonetheless promoting Chevettes in 1987), and the best Yugoslavian car in North America could possibly be had for simply $four,185 that yr.

The Fox was extra dependable than the Excel and Yugo, extra snug than the Chevette, barely much less rust-susceptible than the Justy, and much more enjoyable to drive than the Tercel, so it wasn’t a nasty deal for its time (although I’d nonetheless have purchased the Tercel, or a 5-yr-previous Civic).

1987 Volkswagen Golf in Colorado wrecking yard, RH rear view - ©2019 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsAn fascinating little bit of Volkswagen historical past, however even probably the most diehard North American VW fanatics appear detached to Foxes; even after a few months on this junkyard’s stock, few of its elements have been bought.

German engineering everybody can afford… once more.

The Brazilian-market advertisements have been much more enjoyable.

– Junkyard Discover: 1987 Volkswagen Fox –

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