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Myth vs. Reality: Are All Brake Noises Dangerous?

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Firestone technician in grey overalls performing a brake serviceYou step in your brake and grimace. SQUEEEEAK. Appears like it’s essential to schedule a final minute journey to the auto shop…or do you?

Relying on the state of affairs, a bit brake squeak may be no trigger for concern. Brakes can squeak once they’re scorching, or when there’s a little bit of snow or ice buildup.

The reality is, some brake noises are momentary, notably within the winter. Comply with alongside as we struggle widespread brake noise myths with details!

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Myth: All brake noises are dangerous.

As somebody who cares for and depends in your car, you concentrate when items and elements begin speaking. (Excessive 5 from our technicians, right here!) Whereas brake noises might be startling, not all of them point out a serious drawback within the brake system.

Reality: Some brake noises are innocent and momentary.

There are a couple of totally different conditions that may trigger brakes to briefly squeak.

Low Temperatures and Plenty of Moisture

It’s chilly outdoors, and there’s snow or ice buildup in your brake pads and rotors—the 2 elements that come into contact whenever you brake. As you drive, the warmth out of your brakes will soften the ice. The squeaking ought to subside because the ice melts and the system drys out.

Heavy Use and Extreme Warmth Buildup

You simply loved an epic day of snowboarding! You’re driving down the mountain and you discover that you simply haven’t taken your foot off the brake pedal the entire time—inflicting your brakes to get actually, actually scorching. This extreme warmth buildup can result in decreased friction between the brake pads and rotors, inflicting a (typically audible) squeak and reduce in braking energy generally known as “brake fade.”

In the event you think you could be experiencing brake fade, pull over to a protected spot and permit your brakes to chill down. It solely takes about 5 minutes. Simply sufficient time to seize a espresso!

Dusty Drives and a Layer of Particles

Do you typically drive on unpaved roads or in dusty areas? Your brake pads and rotors could also be coated in a layer of particles! Let your technician know for those who think this can be the case. They will carry out a fast brake inspection and wipe away any filth buildup.  

New Metallic Brake Pads

This squeak supply could also be onerous to identify, particularly in the event you’re unsure what sort of brake pad you’ve (ceramic, metallic, or natural). Metallic brake pads are comprised of copper, iron, metal, and different composite metals, they usually are typically noisier than different kinds of brake pads. It’s simply their nature!

Efficiency-minded drivers typically choose metallic brake pads as a result of they ship enhanced braking efficiency in a range of circumstances and temperatures. Speak to your technician to study extra about your present brake pads and to determine when you ought to change to a special sort.

Reality: Ongoing brake noises are a safety concern.

Pay attention to uncommon noises that don’t go away after a number of miles of driving. Belief your intestine. Malfunctioning or worn-out brakes might not ship the stopping energy you want. Brakes that all the time screech underneath sure circumstances or noises that turn into louder and extra frequent might point out that it’s time to substitute the brake pads.

And as our lead technician Alex likes to remind drivers, “Changing the brake pads early sufficient will save the rotors. In the event you save the rotors, it saves cash.”

The next indicators can level to different brake issues, too:

  • Vibration and pulsation within the brake pedal or steering wheel.
  • A pungent burning odor close to your tires.
  • An illuminated brake warning mild.

Head to your nearest Firestone Full Auto Look after a brake verify should you discover these indicators.

Myth: Having an professional take a look at your brakes will value you.

You’re on the fence. Your brakes are squeaking, however you’ll be able to’t determine if it’s regular squeaking or worrisome squeaking. When you take your car into the shop, it’ll value you cash, gained’t it? Let’s bust that fable.

Reality: Firestone Full Auto Care provides free brake inspections.

Go to your native Firestone Full Auto Care, and our professional technicians will carry out a free brake inspection. It’s a win-win state of affairs: both they’ll ease your thoughts and allow you to know that these sporadic squeaks are regular, or they’ll determine an issue earlier than it turns right into a a lot greater one. Let our technicians resolve your brake troubles so you’ll be able to hit the street in a quieter, safer car.


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