Qty 2 XCA31-1400 AGM Hino, HME Group 31 Gas Diesel Semi Truck Bus repl Battery – Go4CarZ Store

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QTY 2 BATTERIES VMAX XCA collection makes use of state-of-the-art know-how in manufacturing Skinny Plate, ninety nine.ninety nine% Pure Lead Know-how to ship this tank with Superior Cranking Amps with sufficient deep cycle capabilities. Foremost Options: Superior Cranking Amps Capabilities; 30%-50% greater than typical batteries. Tin plated brass terminals Upkeep free, non spill-in a position, non hazardous. Decrease Inner Resistance. Over 50% Decrease Self Discharge Price. Widest SLA Working Temperature Vary, -40F TO 180F. Three to 4 occasions Longer Storage Capabilities (12-24 months in comparison with four-6 months). Superior Vibration Resistance, Cycle Life and Cost Acceptance. Versatile mounting. May be mounted in any place aside from inverted. SLA batteries Quickest Recharge Time; might be absolutely recharged inside four hours utilizing excessive present chargers of as much as 2C (200Amps for this mannequin). XCA31-1400 VMAX XTREME CRANKING AMPS SERIES Twin Function Beginning / Deep Cycle Battery Marine, Truck, Farm and Heavy Obligation Purposes. Sealed, maintenance free AGM with most Cranking amps together with deep cycle capabilities are achieved by the distinctive Pure Lead Skinny Plate Know-how utilized within the manufacture of this collection of XCA batteries. Beneficial Charging Choices: AC Chargers: Any High quality Model AGM- Sensible & Microprocessor managed- charger with the beneficial specs above can be utilized. Car Alternator: 14.5V-14.9V. RV Converter: 14V-15V. Working Temperature Vary: Discharge: -forty~180F Cost: 14~140F Storage: -four~140F Temperature Compensation: Cycle use: -30mV/C Standby use: -20mV/C. BCI Group Codes*: Matching Termination: 31 (+ on L.H.S. & – on R.H.S) * Matching is predicated on closest dimensional specifications. Variations in maintain downs and termination might require some lodging and/or the extension of 1 or each vehicle’s battery cables.Nominal Voltage: 12V, 20Hr Capability: 100AH, RC (min): 205, PHCA:***2200A, MCA: 1400A, CCA: 1200A,
Terminal Posts: SAE AND three/eight” pos, 5/sixteen” neg. Studs, Dimensions: thirteen”w x 6.eight”d x 9.39″ th**), Weight: 78LB, MIN Charging Present*: 20A, Charging Voltage: 14.four-14.9V, Float Voltage: thirteen.5V-thirteen.8V
Torque Specs in-Lbs / (Nm max): one hundred fifty-220 / (sixteen.9-22.6) Studs Inner Resistance: 2.2 m ohm Brief Circuit Present: 5000 Amps
* Warning: Don’t use a charger with smaller amperage than the advisable Charging Present proven above.Maintainers ought to ONLY be used to take care of a totally charged battery however NEVER as a charger. **Complete Peak together with terminal publish.*** 5sec Pulse Scorching Cranking Amps.


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