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Rare Rides: Be a Real Businessman With the 1983 Chrysler Executive Sedan

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The demand for government limousines in North America was as soon as glad by OEM-lengthened variations of home sedans. The Detroit Three constructed them in-home, or despatched regular automobiles to a home coach builder. The lengthened automobiles have been then bought by way of the regular dealership community. The specified purchaser was a rich buyer who’d have a driver for his or her every day conveyance. By the Eighties, the limousine market shifted in favor of coming with size: Stretch limousines have been in demand. Unbiased corporations constructed tremendous-extended wheelbase automobiles for livery-sort wants. The manufacturing unit limousine car market pale away as enterprise magnates selected standard sedans, or lengthy-wheelbase choices that weren’t limousines.

However there have been one or two holdouts in the manufacturing unit limousine market, and at present’s Rare Journey is one such car. It’s the Chrysler Executive from 1983.

Chrysler developed their limousine on the Okay-car platform in the very early Eighties, and debuted two prototype fashions in 1982. The prototypes have been of extended Sedan, and extra extended Limousine types. The Executive was based mostly on a modern Lebaron coupe, and used two totally different wheelbase lengths. Sedans had a 124-inch wheelbase and an general size of 203 inches, whereas the Limousine utilized a 131-inch wheelbase and had an general size of 220.5 inches.

Like different Okay automobiles of luxurious designation, energy for Executives was sourced from a 2.6-liter Mitsubishi inline-4. The entrance wheels have been pushed by way of three-velocity TorqueFlite automated.

On the smaller Sedan, a middle console offered air flow for rear seat passengers, who lounged in consolation with footrests. Chrysler pulled out a few extra stops for the Limousine. There, a middle divider separated the driver from passengers of the luxurious class with a pane of glass. There have been additionally two further fold-out seats, which elevated seating capability to seven. The rear compartment acquired a separate stereo, and an overhead console with conversion van-sort lighting.

Manufacturing for the first mannequin yr in 1983 was very low; simply eleven complete automobiles. Of these, 9 have been Sedans and two have been Limousines. The Sedan was out there by means of the 1984 mannequin yr, which was the Executive’s best at almost 800 automobiles produced. For ’eighty five and ’86 the Limousine soldiered on alone. In these ultimate two years, Chrysler made the Limousine a compromise providing between its former self and the Sedan by chopping 10 inches from the general size. Round 1,seven hundred Executives have been produced in complete earlier than the longest Okay rode off into the sundown, changed with completely nothing in the Chrysler lineup.

Right now’s Rare Experience is a very uncommon ’eighty three Sedan, in pristine situation. With ninety four,000 miles and luxurious material mounted in the center of the cabin, it bought on the Fb Market in two days for about $four,950.

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– Rare Rides: Be a Real Businessman With the 1983 Chrysler Executive Sedan –

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