Reese Towpower 8508211 Brake Control (Proportional BRAKE-EVN) – Go4CarZ Store

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The Reese Towpower BRAKE-EVN brake controller gives superior proportional braking by making use of brake strain to match the automobiles deceleration fee. Proportional braking will get you get smoother stops that conventional time based mostly controls. The increase feature provides the power to use extra preliminary braking on the onset of stopping when towing heavier masses. When adjusted correctly in your load, proportional brake controls may even prolong the lifetime of your automobiles brakes. The massive LED show is straightforward to see when adjusting the management to deal with the weight of your loaded or unloaded trailer. The BRAKE-EVN brake management can deal with as much as brake four axles and provides a easy plug in set up choice, so make sure to get the right manufacturing unit harness on your vehicle. The right selection for mild or heavy trailer masses.1-four Axle capability
Increase feature provides potential to use extra preliminary trailer braking
Reverse battery safety
No leveling required
Diagnostics features included in straightforward to learn LED show


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