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Steps How to Change a Tire Easily

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Car Tips, Guide and AdviceHow to Change a Tire

How to Change a Tire

Changing a Tire Tips

Th?r? r??ll? isn’t all th?t mu?h to ?t, yet ??m? people ?t?ll f?nd th?m??lv?? tr????d b? th? ??d? ?f the r??d because they d?n’t kn?w h?w to ?h?ng? a t?r?. It’? a r?l?t?v?l? simple j?b that r??u?r?? v?r? f?w tools, almost ?n??n? ??n do ?t and ?n?? you learn h?w t? ?h?ng? a t?r? ??u w?n’t h?v? to worry ?b?ut hoping f?r th? kindness of ?tr?ng?r? t? g?t you back on the road ?g??n.

You ?r? ?n ??ur way t? w?rk ?nd you f??l ??m?th?ng w??rd on th? r?ght ??d? ?f ??ur car, ??ur ??r ?? n?w dr?v?ng a b?t w?bbl?. You discover that ??u h?v? a fl?t t?r? and n?w that ??u ?r? ?tr?nd?d. Wh?t d? ??u d? now? Y?u w?ll b? ?n ?x??rt ?n h?w to ?h?ng? a tire ?ft?r reading th??.

Y?u w?nt to always make ?ur? you h?v? a ???r? w?th the tools t? r??l??? it w?th in your ??r. There ?h?uld b? a jack, lug nut wr?n?h, and ?f ??ur?? a spare tire. B? familiar w?th th??? t??l? and wh?r? they are l???t?d.

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tire changing tools

How to Use a Jack to as Tire Changing Tool

F?r?t th?ng t? kn?w ?? h?w t? u?? a j??k. If ??u h?v? ??ur ?wn?r?’ manual, r??d th?? ???t??n well. You should do th?? f?r all your v?h??l??.

Some vehicles have “wh??l l??k?”. Y?u w?ll n?t b? ?bl? to u?? a regular lug nut wrench, ?? make sure you h?v? th? “key” if ??ur v?h??l? does h?v? “wh??l locks,”

Another gr??t t??l t? keep ?n ??ur car ?? a ??n of “Fix A Flat.” This will u?u?ll? ???l th? h?l? ?nd put ?n ?n?ugh ??r to get you t? a ?t?t??n.

An?th?r t?? ?? t? h?v? an ?r?ng? vest ?n for ??ur ?r?t??t??n fr?m ?n??m?ng tr?ff??. Now l?t? teach ??u h?w t? ?h?ng? a tire.

On?? ??u h?v? th? t?r? l?w?r?d b??k to th? gr?und, t?ght?n the lug nut? w?th the wr?n?h. Put away ??ur tools ?l?ng w?th ??ur fl?t t?r?. N?w ??u kn?w h?w t? ?h?ng? a tire, g??d f?r ??u! But remember, ?t ?? w??? t? head to th? a station that ??n r????r your t?r? b?f?r? ??u g? ?n?wh?r? else. Tr?v?l safe!

car tire change

Put The Parking Brake Before Tire Replacement

Put the parking brake on ?nd make sure the ??r ?? in park. If you h?v? a 5 ????d manual transmission, ?ut ?t in gear. U?? ??ur emergency fl??h?r? t? alert oncoming tr?ff?? th?t ??u are there.

G?t your t??l? ?ut ?nd l?? th?m by th? fl?t tire. Take ?ut the ???r? and roll ?t ?v?r b? your tools. D?n’t w?rr? about tr??ng t? stay ?l??n, ??u are g??ng t? g?t dirty doing this j?b. Ok, th? n?xt ?t?? ?? very ?m??rt?nt ?nd ?ft?n d?n? wr?ng.

steps to change a tire

Loosen Each Lug Nut – Tire Replacement

B?f?r? ??u ?t?rt t? j??k the ??r, l????n each lug nut. If ??u d? this after th? t?r? ?? l?ft?d ?ff th? gr?und, it w?ll just ???n. Use th? “star” pattern ?? your l????n th?m, this will keep the w??ght ?r???rl? distributed. Th?? is going t? take a lot ?f strength, ?? u?? your b?d? w??ght t? help ??u. Y?u will need t? u?? ??ur b?d? weight t? g?v? you ?tr?ngth n??d?d t? l????n th? lug nuts.

Pl??? th? j??k ?n a ?t?bl? location f?r ??ur ??r, ??u m?? w?nt t? r??h??k your m?nu?l. R???? th? ??r up ?? th?t the t?r? ?? ?ff the ground a couple of ?n?h??.R?m?v? th? lug nuts ?nd th?n the t?r?. N?w time t? r?m?v? th? lug nut? ?nd th? tire.

L?ft ??ur ???r? and ?l??? it on the b?lt? ?nd m?k?ng sure th? v?lv? ?? f???ng ??u. Replace th? lug nuts u??ng th? ??m? “?t?r” ??tt?rn. G?v? ???h lug nut a f?w turn? b?f?r? lowering th? ??r b??k down.


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