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What Can My Tire Sidewall Tell Me?

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What Can My Tire Sidewall Tell Me? You’ve deciphered the numbers in your tire and decided what tire size you want, nevertheless, understanding your tire markings goes past understanding what “matches” in your car. Your tire sidewall can truly inform you rather more than your tire size, like your car’s load capability, dealing with capabilities at numerous speeds, mileage, and even traction on totally different street varieties. See why your tire sidewall holds the important thing to an awesome (and protected) driving expertise!

Your tire sidewall provides you information about your…

Load Carrying Capability

Totally different tires can carry totally different quantities of weight. That is the place load capability is available in. As you’ll be able to in all probability think about, it’s by no means a good suggestion to overload your tires, identical to it’s by no means a good suggestion to overload your backpack or pockets. One thing’s gotta give! Overloading your tires may cause blowouts or untimely put on – which means you don’t get your cash’s value.

Within the quantity sequence on a tire, the load capability is listed proper after the tire’s diameter. Check with this load index chart to gauge your load-carrying capability.

For instance, in case your tire has a load index of ninety five, it could help 1,521 kilos. Multiply that occasions 4 (since your vehicle has 4 tires!) and it might help 6,084 kilos. Don’t set up tires with a decrease load carrying capability than the manufacturing unit-put in tires!

Velocity Score

A tire’s velocity score signifies the utmost velocity that the tire can safely keep over time, in a managed laboratory setting. Briefly, it’s the quickest velocity a tire can deal with earlier than it not performs as designed. The upper the velocity score, the higher management and dealing with you’ll have at greater speeds.

The velocity score system was developed to assist management the protected efficiency of tires at standardized speeds. A tire’s licensed velocity score is given a letter from A to Z, starting from 5 km/h (three mph) to above 300 km/h (186 mph).

Use the velocity image chart to raised perceive the velocity score on your tires. For instance, a velocity score of H means the tires are licensed as much as one hundred thirty miles per hour.


To match the mileage you will get out of sure tires, check out their treadwear grade. A treadwear grade is given based mostly on the wear and tear of a tire when examined in managed circumstances. Whenever you’re evaluating treadwear grades, all the time examine inside tires of the identical model.

Let’s say you’re taking a look at two tires in Model A. If Tire #1 has a treadwear grade of four hundred and Tire #2 has a treadwear grade of 200, then Tire #1 ought to, in principle, final twice so long as Tire #2. In fact, this will depend on the way you drive, street circumstances, and quite a lot of different elements.


Tires are given traction grades, starting from AA to C, that symbolize that tire’s potential to cease on moist pavement. Tires with a traction grade of A may have higher grip and stopping means than a tire with a traction grade of C.

Information on a tire sidewall

Obtained tire sidewall questions?

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