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What Do the Numbers on My Tires Imply?

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What would you say for those who needed to describe your tires in a number of phrases? You may say one thing like, “They’re black, grooved, rubbery, and spherical.” When you’re definitely proper, you’re lacking some key information… and it’s printed proper on the tire! Discover out what your tire numbers imply so you can also make the best, most knowledgeable selections about your tire and car care.

For the function of this piece, let’s fake we’re taking a look at a tire with 215/sixty five R15 printed on its sidewall. What do the numbers on this tire imply?

How to Read Tire Markings

Tire Width: 215/sixty five R15

“215” on this sequence refers to the tire’s width in millimeters. In different phrases, this tire is 215 millimeters large, from sidewall to sidewall.

Facet Ratio: 215/sixty five R15

“sixty five” in the sequence is the facet ratio of the tire. The facet ratio is a proportion, and it tells you the ratio of the tire’s peak to its width. On this instance, the facet ratio quantity “sixty five” signifies that the tire’s peak is sixty five % of its width.

Tire Development: 215/sixty five R15

The “R” on this sequence refers to the development of this tire. Particularly, the “R” signifies that the layers run radially throughout the tire. Nearly all of tires on the street immediately are radial tires, by which the inner layers are perpendicular to the axis of rotation (and the course of journey).

The opposite letter you may see here’s a “D,” which denotes a tire that has a diagonal or bias ply development. These tires have plies which are specified by a diagonal, or crosshatch, sample.

Tire Diameter or Measurement: 215/sixty five R15

The final quantity in the sequence, “15,” is the diameter of the tire. This is a vital quantity – that is the quantity you’ll confer with when it’s essential know your tire size! The “15” signifies that this specific tire would match a rim with a 15-inch diameter.

Now that you understand how to learn numbers on tires, you’ll be capable of describe your tires with rather more information and accuracy than, “black, grooved, rubbery, and spherical.” Take a look at our newest tire offers and head to your nearest Firestone Full Auto Care to talk it up with individuals who converse tire, too! Our technicians are right here for all the things you want, from tire repair to tread depth checks.


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