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What To Do When Dashboard Battery Light Comes On

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car-dashboard-with-battery-light-flashingHow typically do you think about your car battery? When you’re like most individuals, the reply is “by no means”—till there’s a problem with it. A dashboard car battery mild might sign any variety of points beneath the hood, from a broken battery to a glitch within the alternator. However earlier than you escape the jumper cables or fear about potential repairs, take a while to find out why your dashboard battery mild is on. It may be a fast repair!

What Does the Battery Light Imply?

In case your car battery mild comes on whenever you begin the car, you’re within the clear! It’s utterly regular for this mild to light up if you first flip in your car. The sunshine will flip off after a number of seconds.

If the sunshine stays on as you’re driving, although, concentrate. You’ll doubtless discover different indicators of a weak battery cost, like energy home windows which are sluggish to return up or a stereo that gained’t activate.

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An illuminated battery mild could possibly be as a result of numerous points, together with:

  • A unfastened or corroded battery cable
  • An issue with the alternator or voltage regulator
  • Broken cells or plates contained in the battery
  • Defective wiring within the car’s electric charging system

A dashboard battery mild principally means there’s a battery charging drawback. Your car isn’t getting sufficient voltage from the car battery to function correctly. It wants extra “juice!”

Troubleshooting Your Battery Light

Now let’s speak about your car battery mild! It might imply it’s time to switch the battery. However, the sunshine may be triggered by a minor (and simply fixable) problem like corrosion or unfastened clamps. So placed on some protecting gloves, seek the advice of your proprietor’s guide, after which rigorously comply with the steps under to troubleshoot the battery your self.

  • Verify for corrosion. In some automobiles, fumes from regular operation may cause corrosion to build up on prime of the battery terminals, particularly throughout summer time months or in areas with yr-spherical heat climate. To examine for corrosion, take away any covers from the terminals on prime of your battery. For those who see a white or greenish substance on the highest of the battery or across the terminals, you’ve acquired corrosion! Whereas battery corrosion is widespread, it will possibly intrude with the conduction of electrical energy from the battery to the remainder of your car. Don’t contact battery corrosion together with your naked palms, because it might trigger pores and skin irritation. As an alternative, head to our subsequent troubleshooting tip.
  • Clear the battery terminals. In the event you observed vital corrosion or different grime round your battery terminals, this could possibly be why your car battery mild is on. Fortuitously, it’s straightforward and cheap to wash your battery terminals with widespread home items and a little bit of elbow grease. Merely take away the terminal covers, disconnect the battery cables, and provides the terminals a hearty scrub.
  • Tighten the cable clamps. Typically a car battery mild comes on as a result of there’s a weak connection between your battery and the cables that hook up with it. When you have the hood open, examine to make certain the clamps are securely fixed to your battery terminals. For those who discover that the clamps are unfastened, use a small wrench or a pair of pliers to tighten them till they’re comfortable across the terminals. Seek the advice of your proprietor’s guide for particular directions associated to your vehicle make/mannequin.

What to Do When Your Automotive Battery Light Is (Nonetheless) On

You’ve checked for and cleaned off any corrosion, and also you’ve tightened up any unfastened battery cables. However your battery mild continues to be on?! The wrongdoer might be a mechanical difficulty, like an issue with the alternator or voltage regulator. Or, it might be one thing systematic, like defective wiring.

What’s subsequent? Head to Firestone Full Auto Care for a quick and free battery examine. We’ll check out your battery’s well being, then advocate repairs or a brand new battery if wanted. Don’t get stranded due to battery points! Discover your nearest Firestone Full Auto Care in the present day and recharge your peace of thoughts.

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